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Creating an IP Bandwidth Package

Last updated: 2022-02-17 16:39:02

    This document describes how to create an IP bandwidth package under your bill-by-IP account.


    • BWP is currently in beta. To try it out, please submit an application to be added to the beta list.
    • A bill-by-IP account only supports creating an IP bandwidth package. If you have a bill-by-CVM account and want to use IP bandwidth packages, please submit a ticket to change to bill-by-IP account. To determine your account type, see Checking Account Type.
    • Tencent Cloud provides the following bandwidth packages according to the bandwidth type.
      Bandwidth TypeRestrictions
      BGP Bandwidth PackageThis type can be manually created on the console.
      Dedicated BGP Bandwidth Package
      AIA BGP Bandwidth PackageWhen an Anycast EIP is created, this type will be automatically created, which cannot be manually created.


    1. Log in to the VPC console and click Bandwidth Package on the left sidebar.
    2. Select a region, and click +New in the upper-left corner.
    3. In the pop-up dialog box, enter the bandwidth package name, select a billing mode, and then click Create.
      • Supported characters: a-z, 0-9, ., and -
      • Length: 1-60 characters
      Line Type
      • General BGP: a bandwidth package using BGP IP lines
      Billing Mode/Billing Description
      • Pay as you go - Top 5 Billing: bill by the fifth highest bandwidth value collected per day
      • Pay as you go - Monthly 95th Percentile: bill by 95th percentile of the monthly peak bandwidth
      • For more information, see Billing Modes.
      Advanced OptionsTags (key-value pairs) used to categorize and manage bandwidth package resources
      Unit PriceAs detailed in Product Pricing

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