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Last updated: 2020-12-04 10:29:01

The following table lists API 2.0 for BWP.

API Name Feature
CreateBandwidthPackage Creates device bandwidth packages and IP bandwidth packages.
AddBandwidthPackageResources Adds resources including EIP and CLB to the bandwidth package.
DeleteBandwidthPackage Deletes a device bandwidth package or IP bandwidth package.
RemoveBandwidthPackageResources Deletes resources including EIP and CLB from the bandwidth package.
ModifyBandwidthPackageAttribute Modifies the attributes of the bandwidth package, such as the BWP name.
DescribeBandwidthPackages Queries the bandwidth package information, including the unique package ID, type, billing mode, name, and resources contained.
DescribeBandwidthPackageQuota Queries the quota (total and used) under the account in the current region.

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