Configuring DDoS Protection Pack

Last updated: 2020-01-14 11:11:37


Aegis DDoS protection pack provides protection capabilities for Tencent Cloud's public IP addresses, including CVM, CLB, CPM, BM CLB, NAT IP, EIP and GAAP IP. It enables convenient and quick protection configuration for scenarios where the business IP address cannot be changed or there are a large number of IPs to be protected. Currently, it works in both single-IP mode and multi-IP mode.

This document details the steps for configuring and accessing a DDoS protection pack. For details on how to purchase a configuration, see Product Configuration Instructions.



Access Steps

  1. Purchase a DDoS protection pack
    a. Go to the Aegis Anti-DDoS Console, click DDoS Protection Pack* in the left pane, and click **Purchase Protection Pack under "Protection Pack List".
    b. Select the configuration and click Purchase Now.
  2. Bind a protected IP
    a. On the "DDoS Protection Pack" page, click a protection pack ID under the "Protection Pack List" to enter the basic information page.
    b. On the DDoS protection pack details page, click Protected IP List and click Add Protected IP.
    c. In the "Add Protected IP" pop-up, select the IP address of the CVM instance and click OK.
    d. After successful addition, you can see that the IP address is protected by the DDoS protection pack under the Protected IP List.