DDoS Protective IP

Last updated: 2019-09-26 18:30:50


What is DDoS protective IP?

DDoS protective IP is the main product that prevents Internet businesses from being compromised by heavy-traffic DDoS attacks. It can provide a rich variety of protection resources by region and line. You can choose the appropriate resources that suit your needs based on your region and network. At present, protective IPs for BGP, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile lines are provided within China, and the service is available in regions outside China, including Hong Kong, Western America, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Tencent Cloud protective IP can resist up to terabytes of attack traffic.

Use Cases

DDoS protective IP serves Tencent Cloud and cloud servers of other cloud vendors.

How Protection Works

DDoS protective IP uses proxy forwarding mode in which business traffic directly accesses the protective IP and then is forwarded to the real server, thus protecting the real server. In the event of DDoS attacks, when the attack traffic passes through the protective IP, it will be filtered and cleansed by the protection system, and then the clean business traffic will be forwarded to the business server, ensuring business availability in scenarios under DDoS attacks.

Why Choose DDoS Protective IP?

  • Hidden real server IP
    DDoS protective IP uses proxy forwarding mode in which business traffic is forwarded to the real server IP, thereby hiding the source IP and cleansing the attack traffic to protect the business of the real server.

  • Ultra high-bandwidth protection

    DDoS protective IP provides protection at the Tbps level for servers inside and outside the cloud, easily defending against heavy-traffic DDoS and CC attacks.

    If you need to configure higher protection bandwidth, please contact our customer service.

  • It is available in the forms of single IP and package
    You can flexibly purchase DDoS protective IPs for the same or different lines to meet your needs in various business scenarios. If your business requests are mainly from a certain ISP, you can directly purchase single-IP protection, while a package provides multi-line protection to prevent cross-ISP accesses.

  • Flexible billing
    Base protection is prepaid on a monthly basis, while elastic protection is pay-per-use on a daily basis, helping reducing your protection costs. For details, see Billing Methods.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Using?

DDoS protective IP hides the IP of the real server by using the protective IP as the business IP for the purpose of protection. If your real sever once was attacked and the real server IP has been exposed, you are recommended to replace it with a purchased DDoS protective IP. This way, your real server IP can be kept confidential, eliminating the potential attacks directly made to it. For CVM IPs, see How to Change CVM IP.

How to Configure DDoS Protective IP?

Log in to the Aegis Anti-DDoS Console, click DDoS Protective IP in the left pane, and select Purchase Protective IP. For details, see DDoS Protective IP.