DDoS Protection Pack

Last updated: 2019-09-26 18:34:14


What Is DDoS Protection Pack?

DDoS protection pack is the main product for preventing DDoS attacks to Internet businesses deployed on Tencent Cloud. It enables convenient and quick protection configuration for scenarios where the business IP address cannot be changed or there are a large number of IPs to be protected. Currently, it works in both single-IP mode and multi-IP mode.

Use Cases

DDoS protection pack is only applicable to Tencent Cloud products, including CVM, CLB, CPM, BM CLB, NAT IP, EIP and GAAP IP.

Why Choose DDoS Protection Pack?

  • No configuration required and immediate effect
    After purchasing a DDoS protection pack, you can directly bind cloud service products to the pack for fast protection, without additional source IP replacement required.
  • Ultra high-bandwidth protection
    DDoS protection pack provides 200 Gbps of base protection and 400 Gbps of elastic protection for servers in the cloud.

    If you need to configure higher protection bandwidth, please contact our customer service.

  • Single-IP and multi-IP modes supported
    You can flexibly purchase DDoS protection packs for a single IP or multiple IPs to meet your needs in various business scenarios. Multi-IP mode supports binding different business IPs at the same time to configure simultaneous protection policy.
  • Flexible billing
    Base protection is prepaid on a monthly basis, elastic protection is pay-per-use on a daily basis, and elastic traffic pack is pay-per-use by the usage. When the attack bandwidth exceeds the base protection bandwidth but doesn't exceed the elastic protection bandwidth, the DDoS protection pack will continue the protection, and the consumed traffic above the base protection bandwidth will be billed by the usage, reducing your protection costs. For details, see Billing Methods.
    When the attack bandwidth exceeds the base protection bandwidth, the protection service will be billed based on the elastic protection bandwidth/elastic traffic pack. The elastic traffic pack is bill-by-traffic, while elastic protection bandwidth is bill-by-bandwidth. If the attack bandwidth is high but the actual traffic is not much, the elastic traffic pack can effectively cope with peak-type high-bandwidth attacks with lower protection costs.

    How to Configure DDoS Protection Pack?

    Log in to the Aegis Anti-DDoS Console, click DDoS Protection Pack in the left pane, and select Purchase Protection Pack. For details, see DDoS Protection Pack.