Last updated: 2020-02-26 22:18:05


Log analysis

Logs generated by devices such as web servers, mobile devices and IoT sensors are inherently scattered across nodes, in large scale and vary in type, posing a major challenge for troubleshooting and business analysis through log search. Featuring an elastically scalable and near real-time centralized storage solution and full-text search capability, ES simplifies the unified management and query of logs, helping users quickly locate issues and improve troubleshooting efficiency.

Ecommerce goods search, mobile application search, enterprise internal information search and other site search services are necessary ways to obtain information efficiently. ES features full-text search and supports both structured and unstructured data. It also provides simple and easy-to-use RESTful API and clients in various languages for you to quickly build stable search services that can be integrated into your existing business frameworks.

Business intelligence (BI)

In the context of data-driven operations, fields such as ecommerce, mobile applications, advertising and media require in-depth statistical analysis and mining of data to assist business decision-making. However, the massive amounts of business data have posed a major challenge to companies in these fields. ES is capable of structural queries and supports complex filtering and aggregated statistics, helping customers perform statistical analysis of large volumes of data in an efficient and customized manner, identify problems and opportunities, make business decisions and fully unleash the value of data.