Last updated: 2020-04-07 15:08:52


What is Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable and real-time search and data analysis engine based on Apache Lucene(tm), the full-text search engine library. It can be scaled from a single node to hundreds of nodes and allows petabyte-scale structured or unstructured data storage and query.

Lucene is today's most advanced, high-performance and full-featured search engine library which needs to be integrated into applications and developed with the Java programming language. Besides, developers must also have certain background knowledge in information search. Elasticsearch is built on Lucene with its complexity hidden. It packages all features into a single service and provides a set of simple and consistent RESTful APIs. Developers can use any programming language or command line as a Web client, making full-text search easy to use.

Apart from full-text search, Elasticsearch is also applied to structured search, data analysis, complex language processing, geographic location and association between objects. Since its launch in 2010 by Elastic as an open source search engine, Elasticsearch has been actively talked about in the open source community. Under the leadership of Elastic, it has been constantly improved in terms of product capabilities, and can be used in more scenarios. Now, the entire product system of Elastic has a complete set of data tool products including Beats for data collection, Logstash for data transfer, Elasticsearch for data storage index and Kibana for data visualization. With its powerful features, various product capabilities and usability, Elasticsearch has been widely used in all walks of life.

What is Elasticsearch Service (ES)

Tencent Cloud ES is a cloud-hosted Elasticsearch cluster service built on the open source search engine Elasticsearch. It inherits the openness, compatibility and usability of Elasticsearch, and provides a variety of hardware resources, user-friendly graphical creation and management tools, as well as technical and OPS support.

What business scenarios is ES suitable for?

Tencent Cloud ES remains the features of Elasticsearch in terms of massive data search, featuring full-text search, near real-time search, structured search and other capabilities, which is widely used in business scenarios such as log analysis and site search. Tencent Cloud ES allows you to build log service systems for other cloud products in use (CVM, TKE, etc.), or build a search service and integrate it to your existing business framework.
Tencent Cloud ES provides convenient graphical tools and technical support to help you quickly implement ES services based on your business needs, thus reducing the costs of software and hardware deployment and OPS.