Adjusting Configuration

Last updated: 2019-08-16 21:15:29

    Use Cases

    As your business grows, the amounts of data and access requests in a cluster are ever-changing and may increase significantly. When the size of the cluster fails to meet your actual business needs, you can dynamically adjust the cluster configuration to scale up the cluster. You can also temporarily scale down the cluster if the amounts of data and access requests get smaller. ES supports adjusting configuration items such as number of nodes, node types, and storage capacity of individual data nodes. In addition, it also supports adjusting the dedicated master nodes of the cluster as detailed below.

    Scale-down is currently restricted and you can apply for it by submitting a ticket.


    1. Log in to the ES Console and enter the cluster list page.
    2. You can adjust the cluster configuration on either the cluster list page or the cluster details page.
      • On the cluster list page, select the cluster to be scaled and select More > Adjust Configuration in the "Action" column.
      • Click the cluster name to enter the cluster details page and select More > Adjust Configuration in the top-right corner.
    3. In the Adjust Configuration dialog box that pops up, adjust the cluster node model or quantity according to your business needs and click OK.

    Either node type (node model and storage capacity) or node quantity can be adjusted at a time, and simultaneous adjustment of both is not supported.

    1. After the configuration adjustment starts, the cluster status changes to processing. After the status changes to normal, the cluster can be used normally.
    2. You can view the progress of cluster adjustment on the cluster details page.

    Note on Configuration Adjustment Fees

    • For pay-as-you-go clusters, the billing cycle is per minute. After the configuration adjustment is completed, fees for the next minute will be calculated based on the price of the new configuration.

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