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MediaPackage now launched on international console
A professional video packaging and delivery service for global users, Tencent Cloud MediaPackage is built on Tencent Cloud’s globally deployed compute resources and independently developed audiovisual technologies. Supporting HLS and DASH input types, it will generate two input streams for each channel to enable seamless switchover in the event of an exception. It provides multi-level cache protection, where unhealthy nodes can be automatically removed to ensure the high availability of regional resources. MediaPackage supports multiple authentication methods, such as IP blocklist/allowlist, and can be integrated with other Tencent Cloud media services. It was released on the international console on August 4 and is now generally available.
FaceID now launched on international console
A secure and reliable face verification service, Tencent Cloud FaceID was released on the international console on July 22 and is now generally available. Built upon Tencent’s face recognition algorithms and big data capabilities, FaceID offers features such as liveness detection and 1:1 face comparison to meet verification needs in banking, commercial insurance, telecommunications and many more scenarios. With a high accuracy rate attested by the LFW benchmark competition, FaceID can effectively guard against spoofed images, videos and static 3D models.
GSE now launched on international console
Tencent Cloud Game Server Engine (GSE) was released on the international console on June 30th and is available to whitelisted users. It is a dedicated game server hosting service that supports auto scaling, service discovery, cross-region deployment, optimal resource scheduling, etc. To ensure service stability, GSE offers real-time health check, session monitoring, A/B testing and more. It can run Unreal and Unity game engines and server frameworks written in any languages that support gRPC. Developers can thus quickly build a low-latency deployment environment for stateful games while minimizing OPS cost, which is ideal for MOBA, turn-based games, MMORPG, table games and more.
MediaLive now launched on international console
A dedicated live video streaming and processing platform, Tencent Cloud MediaLive (MDL) was released on the international console on June 10th and is now available for whitelisted users. MediaLive supports multi-protocol and multi-format stream inputs, while leveraging AI algorithms and audiovisual platforms to implement transcoding, remuxing, transfer and many more services. Detailed health reports are available for each channel and protection policies are configured at the security group level to fully safeguard video assets.
DBbrain now launched on international console
TencentDB for DBbrain, a cloud database autonomous service developed by Tencent Cloud, was launched on the international console on June 1st and is now generally available. DBbrain leverages cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning and big data analytics, to automatically diagnose database exceptions in real time and optimize performance. It can also quickly replicate DBAs’ best practices to automate manual operations and improve database O&M efficiency, serving enterprises on and off the cloud with high reliability and security.
TCR now launched on international console
A dedicated container image hosting and distribution service that features granular permission control and global synchronization, Tencent Container Registry (TCR) has been released on the international console and needs to be whitelisted. Each TCR instance has a dedicated service backend and features different specifications, meeting the concurrent pulling requests of clusters in different scales. TCR deploys the core registry service in a container environment, ensuring service reliability and dynamic expansion to manage traffic surge. With accelerated P2P distribution, it is suitable for scenarios such as large-scale and global distribution of images.
EKS now launched on international console
A serverless container management platform, Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has been released on the international console on April 28. It is available for whitelisted customers. Fully compatible with native Kubernetes, EKS makes it easy for developers to focus on building applications, abstracting away the need to provision and manage servers. Backed by lightweight virtualization technology independently developed by Tencent Cloud, EKS allows developers to specify and pay for resources required to run containers, while featuring autoscaling, integrated Tencent Cloud services, workload isolation and more.
TencentDB for MariaDB now launched on international console
A highly secure enterprise-level cloud database dedicated to online transaction processing (OLTP) scenarios, TencentDB for MariaDB has been released on the international console on April 29 and is now generally available. TencentDB for MariaDB adopts a cluster architecture and supports thread pool, audit logs, high-level storage engines such as XtraDB and TokuDB, multi-source replication and more, while featuring an availability of over 99.99% and powerful I/O performance to guarantee database accessibility. It is fully compatible with MySQL syntax to deliver easy scalability, simplicity and high performance.
ECDN now launched on international console
A fast and stable one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and hybrid resources, Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) has been released on the international console on April 29 and is generally available. ECDN is an upgrade of the former Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA). It leverages Tencent’s globally deployed cache nodes to reduce cross-regional network instability and high access latency. ECDN not only integrates static edge caching with dynamic origin-pull route optimization, but also incorporates protocol-layer optimization and optimal routing algorithms independently developed by Tencent Cloud. It supports intelligent scheduling, multi-protocol access, seamless disaster recovery, secure transfer and more.
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