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TencentDB for Tendis now launched on international console
TencentDB for Tendis is a database developed by Tencent Cloud which is 100% compatible with Redis protocols. It is a high-availability and high-performance distributed KV storage database that comes with a complete set of database services including primary-secondary hot backup, automatic switchover for disaster recover, data backup, failover, instance monitoring, online scaling and data rollback. TencentDB for Tendis has been released on the international console.
Tencent Cloud Advisor now launched on international console
Tencent Cloud Advisor is an out-of-the-box cloud resource risk assessment tool which helps you enhance the security and reliability of your cloud infrastructure. It checks your cloud resources and provides optimization recommendations according to your service usage. Advisor is now available on the international console.
Game Player Matchmaking now launched on international console
Tencent Cloud Game Player Matchmaking is a powerful and flexible game player matchmaking service that enables developers to easily write a matchmaking script, which greatly simplifies game development while enhancing game interaction. GPM can also automatically deliver matchmaking results to your hosted game server to start battles. GPM is now available on the international console for beta customers.
MediaConnect now launched on international console
A professional and reliable video transfer service, Tencent Cloud MediaConnect leverages Tencent Cloud’s abundant resources deployed across the globe and world-leading audiovisual technologies to bring agile and stable video transfer services to global users. Tencent Cloud MediaConnect has been released on the international console and is now available for beta customers.
MLVB is now launched on the international console
Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB) is an easy to use SDK that contains all the fundamental features a live stream client needs, making it easy for users to develop custom apps and launch end-to-end live streaming services. MLVB is now available on the international console.
Secrets Manager is now launched on the international console
Secrets Manager (SSM) is a credential management service that enables you to easily create, retrieve, update and delete secrets throughout their lifecycle. Users and applications can retrieve secrets by calling APIs, effectively avoiding security risks from hardcoding secrets in plaintext. Secrets Manager is now available on the international console.
DNSPod Global is now upgraded
DNSPod Global is now upgraded on Nov 13th with improved features for a faster and more stable DNS service. With this upgrade, DNSPod Global accounts will be integrated with Tencent Cloud International accounts. DNSPod Global APIs are also upgraded and we now offer more DNS plans for you to choose from as well.
Face Recognition is now launched on international console
Powered by Tencent YouTu’s world-leading face recognition and analysis technologies, Tencent Cloud Face Recognition features a full set of high-performance and high-availability face recognition capabilities including detection, analysis, feature localization, search, comparison, verification and liveness detection. It is ideal for a wide variety of use cases such as smart retail, smart communities, online entertainment, and identity verification. Tencent Cloud Face Recognition is now available on the international console.
AI Transfy is now available for international customers
AI Transfy (AIT) is an efficient one-stop subtitling solution encompassing audio/video transcription, translation, editing and compression. It simplifies your subtitling workflow and reduces costs. AIT is now available for Tencent Cloud international customers.
Launched User Generated Short Video SDK
User Generated Short Video (UGSV) client SDK leverages the powerful upload, storage, transcoding and distribution capabilities of Tencent Cloud Video on Demand (VOD) to offer customers a one-stop solution covering all stages from video generation, upload, and processing to distribution and playback, enabling you to quickly launch your UGSV application. The SDK supports both iOS and Android. The demo is now available for download.
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