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CDN list price reduction for international regions
List prices for Tencent Cloud CDN acceleration services in Asia Pacific Region 1, Asia Pacific Region 2, Asia Pacific Region 3, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, and Africa have been reduced. Please see the CDN billing documentation for updated prices.
CBS releases the Enhanced SSD disk type
CBS has released the new Enhanced SSD disk type, which has the latest storage engine design, NVMe SSD storage media and newest network infrastructure. It features lower latency, higher throughput, and data security up to 99.9999999%. Enhanced SSD is suitable for I/O intensive scenarios, such as big data analysis, mission-critical business systems, NoSQL applications, and video services with high requirements for storage bandwidth.
New monthly subscription billing option
Tencent Cloud releases new monthly subscription billing option. This option offers savings for long-term purchases. Supported services include CBS, CLB, EIP, TencentDB for MySQL, Ckafka, TPNS, and more. With this addition, customers now have the choice between pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription. For CVMs, customers can choose between pay-as-you-go and reserved instances. Monthly subscription is currently in beta. Please contact sales if you wish to use this billing option.
GME releases new billing mode
The voice chat services of GME are now billed monthly either by voice duration or voice PCUs (peak concurrent users). The sound quality is HD by default for services billed by voice duration and can be switched to standard as needed. For services billed by voice PCUs, the sound quality is fixed as standard. The unit price for services billed by monthly voice duration is $0.00094 per minute after the first 10,000 minutes, which are free. For services billed by PCUs, fees are charged per 5,000 PCUs by tiered pricing. The voice messaging and speech-to-text services are billed by voice message DAUs (daily active users), which are calculated based on the total number of deduplicated user identifiers.
COS, CFS, CVM, SCF release price calculator
The pricing calculator is now available for COS, CFS, CVM and SCF to help users configure and estimate service costs based on selected specializations. The cost estimate can be exported as a .csv file for future reference.
Instant Messaging releases new billing method
The billing method for Instant Messaging (IM) is now pay-as-you-go on a monthly cycle. Currently, IM has three billing plans, which are the default Trial Edition (free of charge), Pro Edition, and Flagship Edition. All three plans feature global coverage, but have different quota and user limits. Value-added services are billed separately and available to users of Pro Edition and Flagship Edition.
VPN Connection releases CCN access via VPN gateway support
Cloud Connect Network (CCN) can now be accessed through VPN gateway by IDCs to achieve encrypted communication. Each CCN VPN gateway can establish multiple encrypted VPN tunnels, and each VPN tunnel can connect one local IDC. This feature was released on the international console on May 8 and is available for beta customers. VPN Connection is a network-based tunneling technology that enables highly secure data transfer. It features VPN egress gateway, which creates a VPN connection with a VPC, to establish encrypted network communication between the Tencent Cloud VPC and local IDCs. Implemented with software virtualization, it has a reliability of 99.95% and adopts a master/slave hot backup architecture to enable automatic switchover.
TKE releases Istio with Service Mesh and Service Discovery support
TKE has released Istio 1.3.6 as a standalone deployment with Service Mesh and Service Discovery support on April 24. Version 1.5 will be released soon. A completely open-source service mesh that layers transparently onto existing distributed applications, istio helps reduce the complexity of large-scale hybrid and multi-cloud deployments so developers can run and monitor a distributed microservice architecture efficiency and securely. It provides dynamic service discovery, traffic management, A/B type experimentation, etc. This feature is available for beta customers.
COS releases Global Acceleration
COS Global Acceleration is backed by Tencent Cloud’s distributed storage service and globally deployed CDN nodes to accelerate access to COS buckets. It leverages Tencent Cloud’s load balancing and global scheduling systems, utilizes intelligent routing to resolve user request, and selects the optimal route for nearby access. The COS Global Acceleration feature addresses problems such as high access latency and packet loss caused by public network transmission paths and weak network environments. After this feature is enabled, for example, transmission rate can increase by three to five times. COS Global Acceleration is now generally available.
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