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CI | Now available in Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Virginia, and Frankfurt
The CI service is now available in the Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Virginia, and Frankfurt regions. Cloud Infinite (CI) provides you with intelligent processing services for different types of data such as images. CI can customize its image recognition service according to your specifications. It also comes with flexible image editing services, such as cropping, compression, watermarking and transcoding, making it ideal for use in various business scenarios.
CLS | Now available in Moscow
The CLS service is now available in the Moscow region. Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS) is a one-stop solution that offers real-time log collection, storage, search, analysis, consuming and shipping, enabling businesses to meet their operational, security, regulatory and analytical needs. Requiring just five minutes to deploy, this reliable logging service overcomes the traditional headaches of resource provisioning and scaling.
API Gateway | Now available in Seoul and Frankfurt
The API Gateway service is now available in the Seoul and Frankfurt regions. Tencent Cloud API Gateway is an API hosting service that enables full lifecycle management of APIs, including the creation, maintenance, release, operation, and deactivation of APIs. It can be used to encapsulate your business so you can securely release your data, business logic, and functionality for system integration and partner connections.
Serverless Cloud Function now available in Frankfurt region
Serverless Cloud Function(SCF) is now generally available in Frankfurt on the international console. Tencent Cloud's Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) is a serverless execution environment that enables you to build and run applications without having to purchase and manage servers. Simply code in a supported language and set the execution conditions, and your code can be run on the Tencent Cloud infrastructure elastically and securely. SCF is an ideal computing platform for use cases such as real-time file processing and data processing.
Tencent Cloud opens new Qingyuan region
Tencent Cloud has now opened the Qingyuan region, which is the largest data center cluster in South China developed by Tencent. The new region consists of one availability zone and a total of one million servers, covering over 40 ISPs to foster the digital transformation in the Guangdong region. With this launch, Tencent Cloud now operates 27 regions and 54 availability zones worldwide. Services available in the Qingyuan region include but are not limited to CVM, CBS, COS, Ckafka, VPC, CLB, TDSQL, and CI. "Star Lake", the first cloud server independently developed by Tencent Cloud, is also available in the new region. It utilizes the 2nd generation AMD EPYC Rome processors and reconfigurable computing systems to optimize computing.
DTS now available in Shenzhen, Nanjing and more regions
Data Transmission Service (DTS) is now generally available in Guangzhou Open, Shanghai Finance, Shenzhen Finance, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Tianjin on the international console. DTS provides database-oriented data migration, synchronization and subscription services. It also supports cross-instance continuous data replication, helping users securely and easily migrate database onto the cloud.
DC now available in Hangzhou EC and Shenzhen regions
Direct Connect (DC) is now generally available in Hangzhou EC and Shenzhen on the international console. DC offers stable and dedicated network with low latency for optical fiber communications, while bypassing the public internet to offer higher reliability. DC users can establish private connections between Tencent Cloud and their premises.
GAAP now available in Dubai, Sydney and more regions
Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is now available in Dubai, Sydney, Illinois, Chennai, and São Paulo on the international console. Access to the channel group management feature is limited to beta customers. GAAP features cluster forwarding and intelligent routing to allow users to access the origin server through high-speed connections and with the aid of the nearest node. It helps users eliminate latency when accessing global businesses.
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