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Tencent Cloud Empowers Education Sector in Thailand to Embrace Online Teaching and Learning
Tencent Cloud recommends the educational sector to enhance online teaching and learning models with the use of Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions along with related Artificial Intelligence technology. The educational sector needs to be upgraded into “Smart Education” to ensure the continuity in response to the current COVID-19 situation. This transformation aims to increase the efficiency and capability of online education for whom integrated the technology.
Tencent Cloud Supports Japan’s Cloud Gaming Platform “OOParts” to Win the Game
Cloud gaming, which allows video games to be run on remote servers and delivered directly to gamers, is an emerging trend in the video game industry. With its all-round solutions and capabilities, Tencent Cloud is helping cloud gaming platform “OOParts” in Japan capitalize on cloud technology, making it benefit from its low latency environment, high-quality node resources and industry-leading network. This ensures that gamers enjoy a seamless, high performance and hassle-free games experience.
Tencent Placed in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services
The world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner Inc., has released its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services. Tencent was placed as a Niche Player in this Magic Quadrant.
The Rising Demand for Tencent Cloud’s High-Performance Audio and Video Solutions Worldwide
There is no doubt that livestreaming has now become essential, not just in business and in events but in people’s daily lives as a whole. A wide range of industry sectors have adopted livestreaming to maintain a high-level of interactions and seamless engagements with their target audiences from around the globe. An increasing number of organizations now offer live broadcasting services – and in China alone, more than 90% of companies in the video industry have deployed the services of Tencent Cloud, recognizing its high-performance, secure and reliable offerings.
Tencent Cloud Deploys its First MENA Region Internet Data Centre Hub in Bahrain
Tencent Cloud today announced its collaboration with the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) – the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Investment promotion agency. The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the aim to drive the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Internet Data Centre (IDC) development and support its rapid emergence as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s hub for the cloud and IDC sectors. The MoU signing also marks a significant milestone for Tencent Cloud as it deploys its first public cloud infrastructure in the MENA region.
Gaming Market Boom: The Secret Behind the Best-Selling Games - Tencent Cloud
As the world looks forward and prepares for its recovery after the pandemic that swept the globe since last year, the gaming industry remains optimistic about its future. A study indicated that the gaming market is anticipated to continue its growth, and is forecast to generate US$217.9 billion in 2023. To meet the relentless demand for a reliable, secure and high-performance gaming experience, a reliable and secure cloud service provider like Tencent Cloud is truly the ace to win the game.
TencentDB for Tendis: a Redis-compatible elastic Key-Value storage service
Featuring full memory, simple architecture, and diverse data models, Redis is known for its high performance and efficiency. Although Redis’ millisecond-level response delay and excellent key-value (KV) storage capabilities have made Redis the first choice of developers for cache scenarios, the high costs associated with its full memory nature and a lack of capacity and security have made it a less popular choice for storage scenarios. Recognizing developers’ needs for a less costly, higher capacity and more secure Redis-like product for storage scenarios, Tencent Cloud developed TencentDB for Tendis, a Redis-compatible elastic KV storage service that features a cluster architecture and a primary-secondary hot backup architecture.
Tencent Cloud Wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Best Practice Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Global Cloud Industry
Tencent Cloud was given the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the Global Cloud Industry, recognizing the business’s outstanding performance in the global cloud space and highlighting its top-notch security standard and services. Research Vice President at Frost & Sullivan Lynda Stadtmueller, expressed that Tencent Cloud has become one of the fastest-growing players to penetrate the global industry, and has the potential to really shake up competition in the Chinese and global cloud markets with its innovation solutions, infrastructure and expansion investments.
Tencent Cloud Elevates Bravesoft’s Event Platform “Eventos” in Japan with High-Quality Livestreaming Solutions
Tencent Cloud announced its support for “Eventos”, a one-stop event platform for customized event operation in Japan. A brand-new feature called “Easy Live” was added to the platform through the technology provided by Tencent Cloud, allowing event planners to do livestreaming within the platform. With the whole world seeing an increasingly upward trend in virtual events, the new feature is geared towards helping “Eventos” take event management to the next level.
TencentDB for PostgreSQL helps enterprises easily configure, use and scale PostgreSQL
In the last few years, PostgreSQL has become the go-to relational database for enterprises looking to maximize the value of their data due to its free and open-source nature, support for multi-version concurrency control, full compliance with ACID, and other attractive features. To help enterprises easily use and scale this trending database on the cloud, Tencent Cloud has released TencentDB for PostgreSQL, an easy-to-use managed database service that features high performance, availability, security and scalability. TencentDB for PostgreSQL takes care of complicated and time-consuming tasks such as software installation and storage management so that you can better focus on developing your applications and increasing business growth.
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