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GSE : a dedicated game server hosting service for multiplayer gaming experiences
From League of Legends to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, tightly contested multiplayer games have become massively successful in recent years, giving players the ultimate adrenaline rush. However, this game genre often demands low latency, high availability and network connectivity – especially as unpredictable player activities during peak times may lead to server overloads. The optimization of the underlying infrastructure puts heavy pressure on game developers, while incurring exorbitant R&D and OPS costs.
Tencent Cloud New Qingyuan Region provides strong support to businesses in South China
Tencent Cloud has now opened a new Qingyuan region to serve businesses located in South China. As the largest data center cluster and new infrastructure project to date in South China, the region will facilitate the implementation of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, IoT and more. With scads of technical advantages, the Qingyuan region will also connect with existing edge nodes in the Guangdong region to catapult a complete digital transformation.
Tencent Cloud GOA Helps Make Education Borderless
Tencent Cloud Global Office Access (GOA) provides a secure and efficient access to overseas online education resources, and helps international students complete their online learning smoothly. It implements the terminal access authentication and access control, uses the global security acceleration technology, and meets China's network regulatory requirements.
Tencent Cloud included in Forrester's Q2 overview of selected DDoS mitigation solution providers
Tencent tapped into anti-DDoS technology in 2006 and officially launched the independently developed Aegis Anti-DDoS in 2010, which has been widely used by WeChat, Arena of Valor, League of Legends and more. Backed by security practices harnessed from years of technological innovation, Tencent Cloud now offers a suite of fine-grained DDoS protection services with diverse use cases to enhance attack detection, diversion, filtering and analysis.
MediaLive: Broadcast-grade processing platform to help you build video workflows in the cloud
From esports to broadcast news, the screening of a live performance captivates us on a more intimate and authentic scale. In the golden age of live videos, Tencent Cloud turns to help broadcasters live stream easily and securely without ever worrying about the heavy lifting behind the scenes.
DBbrain: an end-to-end cloud database autonomous service that runs fast and smart
At the latest Tencent Techo Developer Conference, one competition required 30 final contestants to simulate faulty operations on TencentDB for MySQL and then troubleshoot exceptions without incurring database downtime. TencentDB for DBbrain, the cloud database autonomous service, served as the judge to conduct real-time health check and intelligent scoring for each contestant’s database instance.
Optimized performance and financial-grade security, TencentDB for MariaDB leaps into popularity
For e-commerce business that evolves rapidly, global scalability is a crucial driver of success. This often requires a highly scalable database to store not only historical data, but also massive amount of newly acquired sources. MariaDB, which is created by the founder of MySQL and serves as the default database system of mainstream open-source community systems, becomes the de facto choice.
ECDN relieves network bottlenecks associated with hybrid content delivery
In the context of gaming and eSports, as shelter-in-place turns video games into an at-home entertainment for many, global players not only expect instant acquisition of game installation and iteration packages, but also low-latency delivery of 3D game elements. In both scenarios, Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), which can accelerate different types of resources on the same platform at the same time, helps make that happen.
Tencent named in Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
With the development of Internet of Things and cloud adoption by enterprises, for the enterprises in digital transformation, the significance of host security, which is the infrastructure of data assets and business management, is increasingly prominent. The latest technologies such as virtual machine, cloud hosts and containers are also breaking the security boundary between virtual and reality, bringing stronger challenges to hosts. On April 14, Gartner, an IT research and advisory company, released Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP). Tencent is listed in the research.
Container orchestration tools to better support e-learning
Educators who face prolonged school closures and the fallout from COVID-19 have shifted rapidly to distance learning. Yet, because students’ learning times are relatively concentrated, high traffic and concurrency ensue during peak hours. To help schools revamp virtual learning on a scale never previously experienced, cloud companies must weather the pandemic stress-test with scalable services. Containers, which are smaller in capacity than a virtual machine and require less startup time, drive higher server efficiency and faster application deployment. Packaging applications and open-source components within a container allows cloud vendors to help institutions expand compute capacity swiftly and securely with no extra overhead.
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