DBbrain: an end-to-end cloud database autonomous service that runs fast and smart



At the latest Tencent Techo Developer Conference, one competition required 30 final contestants to simulate faulty operations on TencentDB for MySQL and then troubleshoot exceptions without incurring database downtime.

Interestingly, no DBAs or technical experts were present to assess the contest. TencentDB for DBbrain, the cloud database autonomous service, served as the judge to conduct real-time health check and intelligent scoring for each contestant’s database instance. This was made possible by DBbrain’s capability to leverage machine learning and big data analytics to quickly replicate DBAs’ best practices, ensuring automatic exception detection and intelligent optimization within seconds.

Intelligent database performance with high security

DBbrain applies deep learning algorithms to automate tasks such as real-time data collection and exception diagnosis. It performs intelligent threat analysis and provisions governance suggestions based on comparison with the simulated optimization results. Its AI-powered security engine can monitor and audit attacks, while triggering alarms for risky behaviors based on data asset and sensitive data discovery information.

The intelligent analysis feature of DBbrain includes four components. Firstly, intelligent check routinely performs health checks on databases to evaluate their availability and maintainability, while generating suggestions to boost performance. It examines core metrics such as the number of active connections and CPUs, while analyzing statistics such as historical exception rates and deadlocks. Secondly, intelligent monitoring offers targeted monitoring dimensions and metric combinations by integrating the technical expertise of DBAs. Thirdly, intelligent diagnosis provides 24/7 real-time detection that combines unsupervised and supervised machine learning, while syncing results from SQL query optimizer and rules engine. Lastly, intelligent alarm can promptly notify users of exceptions and supports automatic one-click fix.

DBbrain optimizes database configurations based on business characteristics to enhance OPS efficiency not only for instances in Tencent Cloud, but also those deployed in other clouds or on-premise databases. It is compatible with relational, NoSQL, NewSQL and diverse types of databases to facilitate hybrid cloud management.

Efficient and convenient database management

Accessible on both PCs and mobile devices, DBbrain features a unified management platform that supports database management, monitoring, and visualized interaction at the user level, reducing costs dramatically and increasing OPS efficiency. The one-tap mobile management allows users to access DBbrain through the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem, tracking database exceptions and reviewing daily health reports even on the go.

Innovate more, manage less

One of the use cases of DBbrain occurred during Singles’ Day, the biggest shopping holiday in China when people flocked to e-commerce sites, resulting in traffic peaks that challenged database performance and security. In this scenario, DBbrain can automatically inspect all database instances in advance and identify potential risks, outputting health reports to intuitively reflect hidden exceptions and generating optimization solutions to minimize business impacts in case of an emergency.

Following decades of development, database O&M has gradually transitioned from manual operations to AI-powered intelligent practices that eliminate human error and manual tuning. DBbrain taps into these pioneering technologies to automate and visualize the diagnosis and optimization of a multitude of complex database issues, redefining the processes for data warehousing, processing, analysis and more.

TencentDB for DBbrain was launched on the international console on June 1st and is now generally available.

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