Tencent Cloud New Qingyuan Region provides strong support to businesses in South China


Tencent Cloud has now opened a new Qingyuan region to serve businesses located in South China. As the largest data center cluster and new infrastructure project to date in South China, the region will facilitate the implementation of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, IoT and more. With scads of technical advantages, the Qingyuan region will also connect with existing edge nodes in the Guangdong region to catapult a complete digital transformation.

Large scale, energy efficiency, and intelligent performance

As Tencent Cloud’s first data center cluster to accommodate over 1,000,000 servers, the Qingyuan region has 3 planned availability zones. Despite its large-scale launch, however, the region does not compromise on energy saving. It harnesses indirect evaporative cooling, electrical superhighway, aisle containment system, solar power and other eco-friendly solutions to optimize power usage efficiency. In addition, the new region adopts Tencent’s T-block construction approach where each module of the data center is standardized and productized to accelerate delivery. The region boasts 24/7 on-site technical support, remote control, and AI-powered operation. With security robots on patrol and Tencent’s intelligent management system, data centers O&M are guaranteed with simplified processes and maximum reliability.


High bandwidth, low latency, and distributed architecture

The Qingyuan region offers a unique BGP supported by high bandwidth, terabyte-level data transfer, 4-fiber and 3-route high availability, and ISPs’ direct connections to the Internet backbone. Combined with Tencent Cloud’s intelligent routing and scheduling technologies, the new region features low latency covering over 40 small- and medium-sized ISPs to meet diverse business needs. If needed, users can also build distributed data center architectures so that if one region fails, disaster recovery can be triggered to transfer services to another region.

"Star Lake" launched in Qingyuan region amongst many other services

The first cloud server independently developed by Tencent Starlake Lab is also available in the Qingyuan region. It utilizes customized CPUs and reconfigurable computing systems to optimize cloud computing, storage, networking and overall instance performance. "Star Lake" has been deployed in a variety of Tencent businesses, meeting the requirements for high reliability, cost efficiency, software and hardware integration, etc. Other services available in the new region include but are not limited to CVM, CBS, COS, Ckafka, VPC, CLB, TDSQL, CI and more.


Tencent Cloud an industry leader in South China

South China is where Tencent Cloud computing services were first built and launched. In this highly advantageous area, the Qingyuan region will continue to supply cutting-edge resources and industry-leading technologies to support the digital acceleration of the Pearl River Delta, while serving thousands of enterprises and individuals.

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