UGSV enables enterprises to easily create user generated short video applications


In the last few years, user generated short video (UGSV) content has skyrocketed in popularity, resulting in the exponential rise of short video social media platforms. Understanding the value that UGSV content could bring to their businesses, many enterprises found themselves facing a dilemma of wanting to create UGSV applications but being unable to do so due to the lack of time and resources. Fortunately, Tencent Cloud’s UGSV SDK allows developers to quickly and easily create UGSV applications that are equipped with powerful video editing features and can be seamlessly integrated with Tencent’s messaging and artificial intelligence technologies.

Tencent Cloud’s UGSV SDK covers all stages of the UGSV production cycle, from video generation, uploading, and processing to distribution and playback. Based on Tencent Cloud's powerful Video on Demand capabilities, UGSV SDK supports features such as video capturing, editing, splicing, special effects, sharing, and playback, enabling you to effortlessly launch your own UGSV application.

UGSV SDK is suitable for a wide variety of use cases such as social media, instant messaging, news clips, consulting and gaming. You can create a mobile application for users to shoot and share short videos in real time. The videos can be edited with filters, animated widgets, special effects and more. Users can shoot and share videos while messaging other people for a more interactive experience. These bite-sized videos are easy to digest and more engaging than the traditional text and image-based social media. UGSV SDK helps you get started on this trending social media phenomenon with minimal developmental effort on your part.

UGSV SDK was released for international customers on September 25 and supports both iOS and Android. The demo is now available for download.

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