Mobile Live Video Broadcasting helps users jump aboard the mobile live streaming trend


Over the last decade, mobile has gradually eclipsed television in growth and thrived as a medium for accessing video content. As live streaming shows no signs of losing traction, it is no surprise that mobile streaming has leaped into unprecedented popularity and became a vital ingredient of people’s new video consumption habits.

Mobile Live Video Broadcasting (MLVB), a quick and convenient end-to-end solution that enables instant live streaming on mobile devices, helps users capitalize on this trend. To facilitate a more spontaneous and entertaining viewing experience, MLVB employs RTMP SDKs to integrate other Tencent Cloud services, such as Live Video Broadcasting (LVB), Video on Demand (VOD), and Instant Messaging (IM).

An optimal mobile live streaming experience supported by cross-platform compatibility, quick live stream pushing, AI algorithms and more

MLVB provides SDKs to help users live steam and share content easily and flexibly using iOS and Android apps, as well as any mobile websites. When combined with LVB, it can not only transcode video content into adaptive bitrate (ABR) based on user needs, but also push live streams to Tencent Cloud with lower lag and latency using RTMP over QUIC. To ensure flawless streaming delivery, MLVB offers output formats with different protocols, including RTMP, FLV, and HLS.

MLVB comes with a range of features to increase user engagement and improve viewer stickiness, such as built-in filters to fine-tune host appearance in real-time. MLVB can also be used with Instant Messaging to help viewers interact with each other via on-screen comments, reviews, and likes.

MLVB can push and pull streams continuously to ensure reliable live streaming experiences for both indoor and outdoor settings. It can be deployed in live streaming scenarios for television studios, live events, press conferences and many more.

The licensing cost for MLVB is $699 USD/year. To use it, please contact sales.

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