TencentDB for Tendis: a Redis-compatible elastic Key-Value storage service


Featuring full memory, simple architecture, diverse data models and multi-instruction, Redis is known for its high performance and efficiency. Although Redis’ millisecond-level response delay and excellent key-value (KV) storage capabilities have made Redis the first choice of developers for cache scenarios, the high costs associated with its full memory nature and a lack of capacity and security have made it a less popular choice for storage scenarios. Recognizing developers’ needs for a less costly, higher capacity and more secure Redis-like product for storage scenarios, Tencent Cloud developed TencentDB for Tendis, a Redis-compatible elastic KV storage service that features a cluster architecture and a primary-secondary hot backup architecture.

Unlike Redis, which stores data on memory, TencentDB for Tendis stores data on cloud disks, allowing it to reduce storage costs and provide increased capacity. Offering up to 32 TB of storage capacity under the standard architecture, TencentDB for Tendis can horizontally expand its storage capacity to provide theoretically unlimited capacity under the cluster architecture.

TencentDB for Tendis offers two different editions, a storage edition and a hybrid storage edition. The storage edition is compatible with most Redis commands and data structures and offers a persistent database service for storing massive data at low costs. It is ideal for warm and cold data storage that requires large storage capacities and high access performance. Tendis hybrid storage edition is built from Redis (cache) and Tendis (storage engine), and is ideal for key-value storage. The cold data is automatically transitioned and cached to strike a better balance between cost and performance, which reduces business operating costs by up to 80% for cases where most of the data stored are cold data.

Aside from featuring lower costs, higher capacity and stronger security than Redis, TencentDB for Tendis also offers a comprehensive set of database services such as primary-secondary hot backup, automatic disaster recovery, and data rollback to ensure high reliability and availability. Under the primary-secondary hot backup architecture, TencentDB for Tendis can provide six data copies and automatically switch over to the secondary if the primary fails, eliminating your concerns over data loss and service interruption. If your database instances fail, you can perform data rollback on them via the console for quick and convenient data recovery.

As a high availability and high performance distributed KV storage database, TencentDB for Tendis offers two different editions, storage and hybrid storage, to provide you with flexible storage options that are low in latency and cost, making it suitable for use cases that generate massive amounts of data and require large storage capacity, such as gaming, live streaming and ecommerce.

A pay-as-you-go service, TencentDB for Tendis was released on the international console on January 25.

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