Tencent Cloud Empowers Education Sector in Thailand to Embrace Online Teaching and Learning


Thriving in the ‘Smart Education’ era with intelligent cloud solutions and AI

Tencent Cloud recommends the educational sector to enhance online teaching and learning models with the use of Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions along with related Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The educational sector needs to be upgraded into “Smart Education” to ensure the continuity in response to the current COVID-19 situation. This transformation aims to increase the efficiency and capability of online education for whom integrated the technology.

Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed “Technology is a crucial tool to facilitate educational institutions during the pandemic in continuing their pursuits and in minimizing negative effects from remote learning. It is mandatory to look for technology that can enhance the efficiency of online education, as well as pacing into the 'Smart Education' era. Through a well-established online learning platform, students, parents, and teachers can engage with one another more effectively and efficiently.”

Last year, educational institutes were closed as part of measures to control the spread of COVID-19 pose challenges for Thai education. The pandemic has caused nearly 13 million students to be stranded at home and 600,000 teachers rendered unable to teach. In remote area, access to learning materials were uneven and new solutions were needed to ensure students in remote areas do not fall behind.

“Smart Education not only helps reduce the gaps, but also accurately analyze and develop a curriculum that allows students to review the lessons at their skill level. A platform where teachers and students can talk to each other or a tool that allows teachers to design instruction according to the learning nature of students can enhance the quality of future education. This future is integral to technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence or AI,” Mr.Chang added.

Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions enable schools to build online learning platforms quickly. The end-to-end solutions can be customized according to the situation and needs, helping to build an online education platform from the ground up. Tencent Cloud also offers various products and services that empower existing platforms to achieve quality interactive online education. The solution covers the following service fields:

  • Infrastructure and Maintenance - It provides one-stop cloud computing resources and management, such as servers, databases, storage, networking, bandwidth, security, etc., to serve as the foundation for the online learning platform of educational institutions aspiring for digital transformation.
  • Operational Management - The digital transformation that we provide is not limited to the educational curriculum. SaaS tools and services are offered to help educational institutions manage their administrative processes, including program recruitment, admissions and enrollment, resource management, course scheduling and arrangement, certification system, etc.
  • Interactive Classroom Solutions - It offers a one-stop interactive classroom solution that delivers real-time, high-definition, interactive online education experiences through advanced smart solutions from Tencent Cloud.
  • Smart Teaching Tools - It offers a variety of AI-powered teaching aids that can save time and increase efficiency. Based on Tencent’s leading deep learning technologies, our image and voice recognition products and machine translation capabilities can perform a variety of automated tasks for various educational learning scenarios.

“Today, every single industry including the education sector needs to embrace changes in order to keep up with the current market situation and competitions in this digital age. As a leading cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud is committed to offering efficient, stable and flexible cloud solutions to education industry and to help educational institutions with their digital transformation,” Mr. Chang concluded.

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