Tencent Cloud Signs Agreement with Japanese Beauty Company Premier Anti-Aging to Bolster Smart Retail Strategy


Memorandum of Understanding signed to strengthen the company’s cross-border sales in mainland Chinese market

Tencent Cloud today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Premier Anti-Aging Co. Ltd., a Japanese cosmetics company, for the use of Tencent Cloud’s resources and technologies as well as to leverage Tencent’s huge and unique ecosystem in pushing forward the brand’s smart retail strategy and to help expand the sales of beauty products in the mainland Chinese market.

The MoU, signed by Kiyoshi Matsuura, Director and CEO of Premier Anti-Aging, and Zhao Jiannan, Managing Director of Tencent Cloud for Northeast Asia, signifies the agreement between the two parties to explore the utilization of Tencent Cloud services and solutions, supported by the comprehensive Weixin ecosystem. These include the opening and operation of a Weixin Official Account and Mini Program; the use of big data and cloud technology to understand Chinese consumer habits and preference; and the establishment of an interaction platform to recommend appropriate content to consumers in order to improve marketing efficiency. The collaboration will allow Premier Anti-Aging to connect and engage Chinese customers via the popular, daily communication and social services in Chinese mainland, putting the brand’s smart retail strategies in action and maximizing the brand’s potential in reaching more cosmetics users in the mainland.

Japanese cosmetics and skincare products are emerging in China as sought-after commodities: While a phenomenal growth of Japanese cosmetics brands during the Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2020 was observed, Japan has already become one of the major players in China’s imported beauty. Japan’s exports to China have also hit a record high for six consecutive years, with sales accounting for more than 70 percent according to the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, proving that Japanese beauty brands are breaking into the mainstream and gaining popularity in the Chinese market.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, who stood as witness in the signing of the MoU, said, “Leveraging our expertise and experience with Chinese consumers, Tencent Cloud is glad to be providing our state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive data services to boost the already strong sales performance and brand recognition of Premier Anti-Aging in Chinese mainland, and bring its products to more Chinese consumers. Tencent Cloud looks forward to helping the brand expand its horizons, specifically with its beauty and cosmetic products, in the Chinese market.”

Kiyoshi Matsuura, Director and CEO, Premier Anti-Aging, said, “Since 2009, we have been developing our cosmetics business to enrich people’s lives through anti-aging skin care products. We have recently been receiving more and more interest from overseas customers, and we look forward to fully expanding into overseas markets, such as China. Through the help of our collaboration with Tencent Cloud, we are setting our sights on serving the cosmetics needs of Chinese consumers via reliable, safe and secure technology.”

Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider that integrates Tencent’s infrastructure-building capabilities with the advantages of its massive user platform and ecosystem. Tencent Cloud provides global access and a rich array of services to governments and organizations that need advanced infrastructure and a resilient environment, such as those in the online games, live broadcast, and financial services sectors.

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