About Tencent Cloud

China’s leading public cloud service provider with secure and reliable cloud products and solutions

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Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider that integrates Tencent’s infrastructure building capabilities with the advantages of its massive-user platform and ecosystem. We provide a considerable number of cloud services, such as cloud computing, data processing and cloud operation services to empower your business.

Tencent Cloud Advantages

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The Tencent Cloud platform offers complete and flexible cloud solutions to meet your specific business needs.

China’s Leading Cloud Provider

Trusted by millions of developers from all industries, Tencent Cloud provides professional technology and is certified by a wealth of internationally-recognized compliance standards.

Global Availability

Tencent Cloud empowers customers to deploy applications in multiple regions around the world on a highly reliable and trusted cloud network.

All-around Protection

Provides comprehensive services including network protection, intrusion detection and vulnerability protection.

Our Milestones


2017 Tencent Cloud Summit

Tencent Cloud hosted the annual Tencent Cloud Summit in Shenzhen and Beijing, China. This conference attracted many cloud and tech professionals from around the world.


Global Data Centers

Tencent Cloud launched global nodes in Western United States, Eastern United States, Europe and Japan. The addition of more global data centers enables Tencent Cloud to provide customers with the most cost-effective and secure cloud services.


Launch of the "Cloud + Crowd Innovation" Project

In collaboration with institutional investors, business incubators and technology media, Tencent Cloud provided startups with support for two years and up to one million RMB.


CDB and COS Certified as a "Trusted Cloud Service"

Tencent Cloud's CDB and COS services were certified as a "Trusted Cloud Service" by MIIT, the only certification for cloud services available in China.


Officially Released on Sep 9th, 2013

After four years of internal development, Tencent Cloud was released to the public on September 9th, 2013, with the aim of helping its customers to achieve success with the power of cloud.

Tencent Cloud Compliance Credentials

With over 20 special certifications, Tencent Cloud is a cloud platform with the most complete set of certifications within China.