Product Advantages

Advantages Tencent Cloud CKafka Open-source Messaging Middleware
High Performance

High throughput and productivity. Throughput is a KPI of middleware products.

CKafka has high clustering and better productivity than open-source programs; in addition, CKafka's clustering stability is well ensured.

Performance is not guaranteed, and data reliability and performance are difficult to be ensured simultaneously.

High Scalability

It's based on the High Performance storage engine of Tencent's proprietary CMQ architecture which is widely used in business such as big data processing and log systems within Tencent;

It supports multi-queue, and the queue volume and storage capacity are highly scalable;

The underlying system scales automatically and flexibly according to the business scale which is non-perceptive to upper-layer business;

It can read and write an unlimited number of messages at any time.

There is a limit for the number of queues and messages stacked;

New devices have to be purchased and deployed in each IDC which is tedious.

Business Security

Multi-dimensional security protection and anti-DDoS attack services;

The network across different tenants is isolated, and the instances' network access across different accounts is also naturally isolated;

The permission control system enables an IP whitelist-based authentication mechanism at the application layer.

Limited safety protection;

Network threats on the Internet have to be considered, and cross-region or cross-IDC Internet services are often unavailable.

Unified OPS

CKafka provides a complete set of OPS services available with the Tencent Cloud platform, including resource application, tenant isolation, permission control, message accumulation query, alarm monitoring, etc., so you are free from tedious OPS work and focus on improving user experience;

The timely and effective work order system provides you with answers to your questions 24/7.

Users have to run their own OPS services. Device management is complicated, and there are no effective troubleshooting tools.


Product Features


CKafka can effectively decouple the relationship between the producer and the consumer, allowing the user to independently extend or modify the production-consumption processing only if they follow the same interface constraints.

As a result, CKafka smoothly replaces traditional messaging middleware, and while decoupling the producer and the consumer and caching unprocessed messages, CKafka has a higher throughput and better partitioning replication and fault-tolerating mechanisms.

Peak-valley Balancing
Repeated Consumption

Application Scenarios

Big Data Scenarios

For some big data-related business scenarios, a large amount of concurrent data needs to be processed and aggregated. At this time, there will be high requirements for the processing performance and scalability of the cluster. In the implementation of CKafka, its data distribution mechanism, disk storage allocation, message format processing, server selection and data compression make it suitable for dealing with massive real-time messages and summarizing the data of distributed applications for easier OPS.

In a specific big data scenario, CKafka supports the processing of offline data and streaming data and performs various operations such as data aggregation and analysis.

Log Aggregation
Web Activity Tracking