Anti-Cheat Expert

A proven and effective mobile game security solution


Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) is a professional mobile game security solution created by Tencent Cloud's mobile security team in collaboration with Tencent's game security team. With 24/7 security protection capabilities, ACE supports comprehensive multi-dimensional protection and detection and can be easily accessed by calling 2-3 APIs in a game client, helping mobile game providers quickly cope with game security issues such as cheating and tampering. Currently, it provides stable security services to over 700 million players of hundreds of games including Honor of Kings and Naruto Online.


Comprehensive Protection

ACE guards the game client from malicious tampering, debugging and injection, invalidates vicious modifiers and protects game memory data integrity. In addition, it can precisely identify and effectively block a variety of acceleration/deceleration techniques employed by game cheaters.

Accuracy and Timeliness

ACE blocks unexpected and exception-driven behaviors on 1.2 billion mobile devices. Based on Tencent's security assessment standards, it achieves an over 99.99% detection accuracy rate to ensure a smooth user experience. Further, it can perform 24/7 real-time monitoring and data analytics, eliminating game cheaters as soon as they are detected.

Ultra-low Cost

ACE can be quickly accessed by the game client by calling 2-3 APIs, with no backend development costs incurred. It enables automated monitoring and protection with no configuration or maintenance required. Game version updates have no impact on the anti-cheating API. Additionally, it generates a data report and list of cheating players on a daily basis, which can be customized based on your actual needs.

Proven Stability

Based on Tencent Games' decade of gaming experience, ACE features proprietary detection technology and comprehensive and stable policy modeling for outstanding game protection, helping nearly 100 mobile games, including blockbuster games with tens of millions DAUs such as Honor of Kings and WeChat Dash, seamlessly serve hundreds of millions of players.

Easy Access

ACE conducts in-depth analysis of various implementation principles of different speed changes and comprehensively monitors their speed changing behaviors for targeted protection, which can block cheaters by forcing the game to quit as soon as they are identified. ACE fully supports Java, C++ and C# access on various Android versions.

Strong Compatibility

ACE minimizes its interaction with the underlying system layers to reduce the impact of Android fragmentation. With highly fault-tolerant security logic, it features high adaptivity with over 2,000 device models for stable operations. Its strong stability and compatibility has been tested on hundreds of millions of devices. ACE fully supports popular game engines such as Unity 3D, Cocos 2D and Unreal Engine 4.


ACE helps mobile game operators quickly address common game security issues such as cheating, tampering and cracking.
Prevention Against Game Modifiers

ACE prevents against mainstream game modifiers, monitors cheaters in real time and forces the game to quit as soon as they are identified. Thanks to Tencent Games' over a decade of experience in gaming, ACE boasts an over 99.99% accuracy rate.



There are many types of modifiers and cheaters available for mobile games, which seriously affect the fairness of gaming. ACE has an anti-cheater feature that can conduct in-depth analysis of hundreds of common cheaters on their principles and methods and then provide targeted prevention to comprehensively monitor cheating behaviors. ACE will block cheaters by forcing the game to quite as soon as they are detected, eliminating cheating behaviors.


Scenario Description

Mobile game tampering and cracking has become a serious issue facing the operational security of mobile games. These behaviors not only severely reduce the revenue of game developers and operators, but also bring huge security risks to game players. The anti-tampering feature is tailor-made for the characteristics of mobile game apps, enabling a comprehensive function matrix encompassing game code protection, comprehensive anti-debugging, resource protection and anti-dynamic cracking, ensuring stable gaming performance while preventing against tampering and cracking for secure operations of mobile games.

Its effectiveness and stability have been proven as it has been used in all Tencent mobile games. However, a full test after game reinforcement is still needed before the game is released on the Internet.

Business Types

· Encrypted Protection of .so and .dll Files

ACE strictly encrypts .so and .dll files, preventing them from reverse analysis by tools such as IDA and effectively protecting core game modules.

· Reinforced .dll Obfuscation

For Unity games, ACE encrypts the variable, function and class names of DLL modules for obfuscation, effectively raising the threshold for static analysis.

· Resource File Protection

ACE features the most rigorous game resource protection solution, blocking the addition, deletion and modification of any resources and effectively preventing the game from being cracked.

· Anti-debugging

ACE empowers games with the most comprehensive anti-debugging capabilities and prevents debuggers such as IDA from engaging in dynamic debugging and cracking, effectively raising the threshold for dynamic analysis.


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