Benefits Tencent Cloud API Gateway Open-Source Gateway
Ease of Use

With API gateway, graphical configuration can be performed directly in the administration console or by calling the Tencent Cloud API without having to build the infrastructure required for API Gateway deployment. Tencent Cloud's help documentation helps you construct the desired API Gateway services with speed and ease.

Building your own infrastructure from scratch usually involves a series of cumbersome configurations such as networking, management systems and monitoring. In addition, it takes even more time and effort to deploy the desired open-source gateway software on physical servers.

Ease of Maintenance

Tencent Cloud provides various OPS capabilities for API Gateway, spanning from visual monitoring and resource management to tenant isolation and access control, freeing you of heavy OPS tasks.

Managing resources and building management and monitoring platforms on your own makes OPS work extremely cumbersome.

High Reliability

Tencent Cloud provides cluster-based deployment of API Gateway, enabling prompt migration when a gateway node fails and ensuring high reliability.

Single-node deployment of hardware cannot guarantee high availability, while multi-node deployment leads to high costs and complicated business architecture.

Low Cost

API Gateway charges for use only after calling the APIs based on the volume of calls and consumed traffic at competitive prices.

Physical machines and bandwidth required for business deployment must be paid for in advance, leading to high costs.



API Lifecycle Management

API Gateway provides comprehensive management over the API lifecycle, including creation, maintenance, release, operation, discontinuation and much more.
Additionally, it offers a variety of environments for testing, pre-release and release for deploying your APIs and allows for convenient daily management of the APIs, including version management and rollback, reducing the time and effort required for API management.

Authentication and Traffic Throttling
API Monitoring
API Marketplace


Microservice Integration

Many users currently transforming their own backend systems based on the microservice framework are faced with the problem of how to open up the microservices containing many components to external APIs.
API Gateway can uniformly converge multiple microservices by providing a unified Restful API which enables unified security management of these APIs such as authentication and traffic throttling.

Unified Access for Various External Terminals
Business Integration
Capability Provision and Sales