Cloud Archive Storage

Low-cost, highly reliable and easy-to-manage offline storage that helps you achieve data backup and disaster recovery


Cloud Archive Storage (CAS) is a cloud-based low-cost, highly reliable and easy-to-manage offline storage service for corporate and individual developers that enables long-term backup and disaster recovery of massive amounts of unstructured data. CAS uses distributed cloud storage where the data can be accessed through a RESTful API and is easy to manage without requiring any hardware maintenance and capacity expansion. Further, it is pay-per-use to help reduce your costs.


Data Persistence

CAS adopts erasure coding (EC) technology for data fragmentation and grouping. Each group is composed of a data block and parity block. If a part of the data is damaged or lost, CAS can reconstruct and repair the damaged data using redundant data, with data persistence up to 99.999999999%.

Service Availability

The network access layer of CAS passes through a Tencent Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) network to ensure service availability even in cases of overload or failure of one single node. The storage layer adapts disaster recovery strategies at the hard disk, server, rack and cluster levels, achieving service availability above 99.9%.

Low Cost

CAS supports expedited data retrieval in one to five minutes. CAS is billed on a pay-per-use basis at a unit price per GB much lower than that of online storage, meaning you only pay for storage actually used with no upfront costs.


Requests Per Second (QPS)

The default QPS for each user in each region is 800. For example, if you use CAS in both Beijing and Shanghai, you will have a frequency control quota of 800 QPS in each region. Where higher QPS is required, you can submit a ticket or contact Tencent Cloud customer service for scaling.


Compliance File Archiving

In industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, live broadcasting and accounting, it is often necessary to retain compliance files for more than 10 years, including administrative documents, patient records, video screenshots and contract files. Users can upload such data to CAS for storage, satisfying the storage needs of compliance files in large volumes, for long periods and with low retrieval frequency.

Lifecycle File Archiving

During the process of business deployment, users can store frequently accessed data in Cloud Object Storage (COS) for data computation and place the cold data in CAS through lifecycle management to reduce storage costs. Meanwhile, the useless data in CAS can be deleted through lifecycle management.

Operation Log Archiving

Any systems, including databases, need to keep a large number of user behavior logs in order to record user behaviors. As a source of massive amounts of data, logs often plague enterprise customers. To alleviate pressures on local storage, they are forced to delete older logs or keep only the most important logs. CAS perfectly solves issues of log storage as enterprises can upload logs directly to CAS without having to consider capacity expansion and cost of the storage system.

Cross-regional Disaster Recovery

As enterprises grow, the availability, timeliness and security requirements for critical businesses increase. Critical business data can be duplicated and backed up in CAS to further enhance the data's disaster recovery capability when faced with various potential security breaches. CAS supports data reading in as quickly as one to five minutes, making it possible to recover the data from disasters with speed.