TencentDB for MySQL

A high-performance, high-reliability, flexibly scalable database hosting service


MySQL is the most popular open-source relational database in the world, and Cloud Database MySQL(TencentDB for MySQL) enables you to deploy and use MySQL database in the cloud with ease. With TencentDB for MySQL, it only takes minutes to deploy a scalable MySQL database instance. Besides high cost efficiency, you can enjoy flexibly scalable hardware specs without business interruption. MySQL offers a complete set of database OPS solutions including backup rollback, monitoring, fast scaling and data transfer, simplifying your IT OPS and enabling you to focus on business development.


Easy-to-use Hosted Deployment

With a few clicks in the Tencent MySQL console, you can launch and connect to a production-ready MySQL database within a few minutes. MySQL is pre-configured with various parameters and settings for your selected server types. With the database parameter group, you can control and finetune the MySQL database.

Dedicated Kernel Optimization

MySQL instances provide industry-leading IO throughput capability with highly customized MySQL kernels that outperform self-built open-source MySQL-based databases. The performance advantages of MySQL allow you to use fewer databases to support more concurrent requests and simplify backend architecture, streamlining the overall IT architecture for easier management and OPS.

Completed Guarantee Mechanism

Tencent Cloud provides 99.9996% data reliability and 99.95% service availability with completed automatic data backup and lossless recovery mechanism. With the high reliability of MySQL, you can rest assured to put your data in the cloud with no worry about data loss. Meanwhile, the extra work and additional IT investment required by traditional OPS activities to ensure high data reliability can be eliminated.

Strong Sync Replication

MySQL kernel in many aspects, improving the performance of strong sync data replication. Meanwhile, it improves the phantom reading phenomena caused by the master/slave switching and the critical transactions caused by the recovery of CVM failure, improving data consistency in MySQL v5.6.

Comprehensive Daily Monitoring

You can view over 70 indicators in the MySQL console, including connection access, database load, query cache and storage engine, to comprehensively monitor your database health. You can also create custom monitoring views to compare the running instance loads in multiple dimensions for multiple instances over the same period or for different periods on the same instances. Abnormal databases can be detected fast in this way.

Custom Alarms

Custom alarms for resource thresholds can help you detect issues in MySQL operation which will be reported to and solved by the Tencent OPS team promptly.

Full-Process OPS Services

You don't need to care about the installation, deployment, update and troubleshooting of MySQL. Tencent MySQL team will have free you from worries. Switching between master and slave, troubleshooting and data migration are fully transparent to you. IP addresses and ports remain unchanged. IP drift is no longer a consideration for your applications. All those advantages help minimize your OPS costs.

Data Migration

With Data Transfer Service (DTS), automatic database migration can be achieved easily from self-built MySQL databases on CVMs to MySQL database instances as well as from MySQL databases in IDCs with public IPs/in other vendors' cloud to MySQL database instances, simplifying your database cloudization without manual migration and enabling seamless business transition to the cloud.

Data Disaster Recovery

Real-time data synchronization can be performed between the MySQL database in the local IDC and the Cloud Database through the data migration service. In case of database service interruption caused by power or network failure in the local IDC, backup MySQL instances can be rapidly switched to for disaster recovery; meanwhile, MySQL supports multi-availability zone in one city/cross-city disaster recovery to ensure high availability.


TencentDB for MySQL is a secure and scalable database hosting service.
Ultra-high Performance

Premium Hardware

The IOPS configuration is based on the PCI-E SSD at least three times the performance of SATA. The powerful IO capability ensures uninterrupted database access;
The storage devices use the NVMe protocol and specially designed for PCI-E SSD for better storage capability;
One single high IO instance supports up to 245,509 QPS (queries per second), 488 GB memory and 6 TB storage.

Kernel Optimization

Multithreading master/slave sync optimization breaks through the bottleneck of database sync, so you don't need to worry about latency in master/slave sync.The locks of MySQL transactional threads and dump threads are optimized for better database performance.



Business type: Business that requires flexible scaling and time-point rollback such as games. MySQL provides Auto Scaling capability for computing resources, enabling you to improve productivity and deploy partitioned databases of games in just minutes. With MySQL's time-point rollback and batch operation features, you can roll back to any specific time point and support game rollback.

Internet/Mobile Apps

In the Internet/mobile apps, MySQL can be used as the storage media for final implementation of data on server. For scenarios with more reads and fewer writes, read-only instances can be added to the hotspot library for a substantial increase in read performance.


When used to store and process financial transaction data, account data, etc., MySQL provides you with the capabilities of security audit, cross-region disaster recovery and database service with strong data consistency to ensure the security and reliability of your financial data.


Able to cope with high concurrent traffic and meet unexpected business peaks, high-performance MySQL and Redis with fast read and write capability help you address the pressure of access peaks during sales and campaigns.


MySQL is charged in a postpaid way. When you create a MySQL instance, one hour's hardware fee will be frozen in your cloud account. The usage will be charged hourly (Beijing time) with a second-level billing granularity. In this billing mode, you only pay for what you use in MySQL. No advance payment is required. You can go to our buying page to view detailed prices of MySQL.