Cloud Data Migration

An efficient, secure and easy-to-use offline data migration service that helps with the cloudification of massive amounts of data


Cloud Data Migration (CDM) is a data migration service for cloudification of terabytes and petabytes of data. CDM uses secure and reliable dedicated devices for offline migration, helping meet the needs of large-scale data migration from local IDCs to the cloud and solve the issues of prolonged, high-cost and low-security data transfers through the network with local IDCs.


Security and Reliability

CDM devices boast a RAID5 disk array architecture to ensure usability even in cases of damage to disks during transportation. In addition, they use 256-bit encryption key to automatically encrypt the data, making it inaccessible to third parties. After migration is complete, the data on the devices will be permanently erased to prevent data disclosure or leakage.

High Speed and Stability

CDM devices connect to the network using 10-gigabit Ethernet ports. One single migration device can migrate 80 TB of data in just days, nearly 100 times faster than a 100 Mbps network transfer.

Ease of Use

After creating a service request in the CDM console, the migration progress can be tracked in the console at any time. After receiving the migration devices, you can begin copying your data after completing a few simple configuration steps.

Professional Logistics

The migration devices are provided with additional reinforcement protection during transportation by a professional logistics team, ensuring the devices are safely delivered to you as fast as possible.


The data to be migrated can be divided into multiple subtasks, enabling it to be transferred concurrently through multiple devices, increasing the overall migration efficiency.

Great Compatibility

CDM migration devices use standard power supplies and support various file systems such as ext4, NFS, CIFS and HDFS, eliminating concerns for any compatibility issues with your IDC environment.


Massive Data Backup and Archiving

Depending on the frequency of use, data can be divided into hot data, low-frequency data and archived data. When considering costs and risks, enterprises often enable cross-regional disaster recovery for critical data and back up low-frequency and archived data to the cloud for effective risk management while reducing storage costs. With the aid of CDM, critical data can be migrated to Cloud Object Storage (COS) and Cloud File Storage (CFS) and archived data can be migrated to Cloud Archive Storage (CAS) to quickly and efficiently back up and archive massive amounts of data while reducing migration costs.

Data Migration for Weak Network Environments

Data such as geographic and environmental data in many specific industries often resides in regions with poor network signal and faces obstacles of high costs and slow speeds during uploading. CDM is an excellent solution in such cases to help you migrate data quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Data Analytics

Large volumes of data often hold huge commercial value. Local data can be quickly and securely migrated to COS and CFS through CDM and computation services offered by Tencent Cloud such as Batch Compute and offline computation, mining the potential value of your stored data.