Cloud Log Service

A one-stop logging service that offers log collection, search and analysis


Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS) is a one-stop solution that offers real-time log collection, storage, search, analysis, consuming and shipping, enabling businesses to meet their operational, security, regulatory and analytical needs. Requiring just five minutes to deploy, this reliable logging service overcomes the traditional headaches of resource provisioning and scaling.


Comprehensive Features

CLS offers a wealth of features, including real-time log collection, structured logging, reliable storage, rapid searches, multidimensional analysis and scheduled log shipping. The service also provides an extensive API and console for easy log management.

Highly Reliable and Available

CLS boasts 99.9% uptime and makes use of high-availability storage. The service is highly secure and reliable, with support for redundant backups and a guarantee of 99.99999999% data durability.

Elastic Scaling

CLS uses a scalable, distributed architecture that is highly elastic, allowing the simultaneous handling of massive quantities of logs. Users can process hundreds of millions of log files every day without the usual problems of resource provisioning.

Lightning-fast Queries

Logs are captured in real time and can be searched and analyzed as soon as they reach CLS. The powerful query engine can search hundreds of millions of files within a second, allowing vast quantity of log data to be analyzed and processed.

Easy Deployment

CLS offers a variety of log aggregation methods, including the LogListener agent, API and SDK, enabling the easy collection and centralized management of logs. Initial deployment can be completed in just five minutes. CLS can aggregate logs from diverse sources, including web pages, servers and applications.


CLS adopts a cost-effective pay-per-use model. By removing the need for users to maintain their own open-source log management system (such as ELK stack) and eliminating resource redundancies, CLS offers considerable savings on hardware costs and overheads.


Real-time Collection

LogListener Collection

Collect logs in real time using Tencent Cloud's LogListener agent. The agent is easy to deploy on most popular Linux operating systems and combines stability, security and high performance with low resource usage.

API/SDK Collection

Use the multilingual API to upload logs directly without having to first install the LogListener agent.


Backend Management

In large computer clusters, Tencent's LogListener agent can aggregate logs from different nodes for central management through CLS. Keyword searches can rapidly detect log errors and identify problem nodes. Context queries can then be used to reconstruct call chains. Log files are shipped to Cloud Object Storage (COS), which supports mass data storage and life cycle management.

User Behavior Analytics

The CLS API and SDK can aggregate logs from different terminal devices. Logs can be searched and analyzed for business needs in real time and key data can be shipped to COS for long-term retention and centralized management. CLS users can also harness the big data capabilities of EMR to analyze vast quantities of data, build models, create customer personas and gain insights into user behavior. Visualization tools can also be used to help inform business decisions.

Logging Audit

The LogListener agent can be used to aggregate logs, which are then searched to rapidly analyze user behavior (for a specific user account or web page, for example) and detect potential violations. Logs can be shipped to COS for long-term retention in order to ensure regulatory compliance.


Tencent Cloud CLS is a pay-as-you-go service with no upfront payment required. You only pay for what you use. For more information about CLS billing modes and billable items, please see Product Pricing. You can also use the Price Calculator to estimate costs. The generated estimate can be exported for reference.