Tencent Cloud Domain Name System

Domain name resolution is the process of converting a domain name into a machine-readable IP address. Tencent Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) provides free intelligent resolution services to all domain names and features high processing power, elastic scalability and robust security, ready to provide your websites with a stable, secure and fast resolution experience.


Multiple Nodes

Tencent Cloud DNS leverages world-leading DNS cluster technology and boasts 40 cloud cluster nodes in China and 8 overseas, with 463 servers deployed for simultaneous professional resolution services.

Multiple Lines

Tencent Cloud DNS is updated in real time and currently supports line breakdowns for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom for configuring overseas, provincial (for China) and custom lines.

High Speed

As a new-gen high-performance DNS server program, Tencent Cloud DNS provides you with stable resolution services that are over 100 times faster than mainstream resolution solutions.


Tencent Cloud DNS enjoys protective services offered by Tencent Cloud Aegis Anti-DDoS, which utilizes multiple patented algorithms and boasts 200 Gbps DNS attack prevention capabilities, making it an ideal choice for website security protection in the era of big data.


Unlimited Domain Names Supported

Tencent Cloud DNS supports resolution and unified management of an unlimited number of domain names regardless of type.