TencentDB for Redis

A Redis-compatible elastic caching and storage service


TencentDB for Redis is a caching and storage service compatible with the Redis protocol. It features a rich variety of data structure options to help you develop different types of business scenarios, and offers a complete set of database services such as master-slave hot backup, automatic switchover for disaster recovery, data backup, failover, instance monitoring, online scaling and data rollback.


Managed Deployment

With just a few clicks in the console, you can start and connect to a production-ready Redis service. This eliminates the need to install, deploy and maintain the service manually, greatly reducing labor costs.

Data Protection Mechanism

Instance data is automatically backed up regularly, improving data reliability and eliminating the concerns over data loss. The data can be manually backed up too. These features guarantees data reliability and significantly save you development time since you don't need to develop an in-house data recovery system.

High Performance

With the deep optimization of the core source code by Tencent Cloud experts, TencentDB for Redis features ultra-high performance that can meet the requirements of most business scenarios, significantly saving you development time since you don't need to develop a hi-speed caching layer on your own.

Smooth Scalability

When the available storage capacity is insufficient, the capacity can be expanded via the console with just one click. The expansion process does not affect your online businesses.

Comprehensive Daily Monitoring

Over 30 professional data metrics are monitored and visually displayed for clear insights into the data, including inbound/outbound traffic, Set/Get counts, CPU load and QPS.

Custom Alarming

Custom alarming policies can be set up to enable advance alerting for risks and help quickly locate and address issues, with alarm messages automatically sent when a metric exceeds the configured threshold.

Data Migration

With the aid of Data Transfer Service (DTS), the source data in various scenarios can be easily migrated to TencentDB for Redis for seamless cloudification of your business, eliminating the need for manual migration and greatly simplifying the cloudification process.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

TencentDB for Redis adopts a master-slave hot backup architecture. In case of failure of the master, the service can be switched to the slave in a matter of seconds, and the switchover process does not affect the online business or require any operations at your side.

Low Costs

TencentDB for Redis is deployed in the cloud, which greatly reduces the costs of initial infrastructure construction and subsequent maintenance. Its flexible billing method allows you to select and pay for the computing resources you need and used, meeting a variety of business needs at low cost.


Designed with the needs of Redis-type business operations in mind and leveraging upon Tencent Cloud's years of experience in distributed caching technology, TencentDB for Redis is a high-availability and high-reliability Redis service platform.
High Availability

TencentDB for Redis (master-slave edition) is highly compatible with the open-source Redis protocol. It adopts a master-slave hot backup architecture, where the failure of the master can be automatically detected, and the service can be switched to the slave instantly, eliminating the concerns over data loss and service interruption.



In the gaming industry, users can store non-role data such as leaderboard data in TencentDB for Redis for quick access, and the native SortedSet data type of Redis can readily help users develop player data.

Internet and App Businesses

In internet and app businesses, basic user data can be cached into TencentDB for Redis to improve the read performance. In addition, static images and resources can be cached into TencentDB for Redis too to speed up application loading.


Data such as product images and recommendations can be stored in TencentDB for Redis for quick access. In addition, the high QPS performance (up to 100,000) of Redis can sustain high concurrent requests, making it ideal for large-scale promotional campaigns (e.g., flash sales).


TencentDB for Redis provides two billing options: monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go. Monthly subscription users opt to prepay for a fixed period of usage ranging from one to multiple months or years depending on their business needs. Pay-as-you-go users pay for what they use. No upfront payment is required, making this option suitable for business with fluctuating demands. For more information, see Product Pricing.