Distributed service

Supports auto scaling, seamless upgrade and smooth expansion without interrupting services. It also supports key operations (such as MGET and MSET), and transactions. The cluster edition provides distributed storage as well.

Reliability and stability

Supports multiple backup copies, ensuring high data reliability. Also supports master/slave hot backup, automatic failure recovery, and high service availability. External services are not affected during cache persistence.

Persistent data storage

Supports data persistency, data operation logs, automatic data backup, and multiple restoration modes.

Convenient management

Adopts full Web management to raise Ops efficiency, and 3-D monitoring to mitigate operation risks in advance.


Function Description

Compatible with the Redis protocol

Complies with the Redis protocol and supports data persistency. It is applicable to multiple scenarios such as cache and Key-Value database.

Data management and backup file restoration

Provides several data importing modes to easily initialize Redis, and supports automatic backup. The CRS is capable of using backup files to restore data to any time point within 3 days, and supports data restoration by using the specified keys without shutting down the system.

Secure access and automatic failure recovery

Supports VPC to deliver more secure access. The CRS supports master/slave hot backup, which switches data to the standby node within seconds when the active node malfunctions, thereby implementing an automatic failsafe.

Monitoring alert customization

Users can browse rich performance monitoring data of the CRS from a browser and customize alert thresholds for different monitoring items.