TencentDB for CTSDB

A powerful, distributed, secure, stable, and scalable time series database in the cloud


TencentDB for CTSDB (CTSDB) is an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use time series data storage service in the cloud. It is especially suitable for scenarios with massive amounts of time series data, such as IoT, big data, and internet monitoring. You can quickly create CTSDB instances according to your actual business needs and linearly scale them in real time as your business changes. CTSDB provides high-performance data read/write services to sustain your rapid business growth, reducing your data storage costs and simplifying your daily Ops.


TencentDB for CTSDB is a distributed and linearly scalable time series database in the cloud. It has extremely high processing performance and provides RESTful APIs for you to write and query data. It provides a rollup API to aggregate historical data and reduce storage costs. It allows you to conveniently and quickly aggregate and analyze data through the console and APIs. Its system is deployed in a distributed manner, achieving high security and reliability. In addition, it offers a rich set of monitoring metrics, helping you monitor the cluster health at any time. It is currently in beta testing, and you can apply for one instance free of charge under each creator account. After it is officially launched, we will provide you with instances of various configurations and flexible billing modes.
Data Write

CTSDB supports concurrently writing time series data through simple and consistent RESTful APIs.


IoT Data

Working condition data in industrial production environments needs to be stored. A large number of monitoring points in multiple facilities can generate billions of data points every year, reaching the PB level. Such data can be written to CTSDB in real time for quick query and visual display, helping managers make better decisions and perform big data analysis to identify deep-seated problems and increase profitability.

Internet Service Monitoring and Analysis

Internet service providers can write their user network delay data, business service metric data, log data, etc. into CTSDB and then directly generate reports for analysis by technical support and product teams so that they can identify and solve problems as early as possible.

Real-Time Big Data Analysis

Transaction data in the financial market continuously collected by automated trading algorithms, user social networking, shopping, and entertainment data reported by various collection terminals, and business status data obtained by log cleansing programs can be stored in CTSDB and then obtained through APIs to implement efficient real-time analysis and modeling.


TencentDB for CTSDB is billed by two parts: specification (memory and CPU) and capacity.

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