Cloud Video Editor

A comprehensive service for cloud-based video creation. Provides enterprises with media asset management, material market, online video editing, live streaming, live directing, AI video processing, and quick content delivery


Cloud Video Editor (CVE) provides online video creation tools for content creators and organizations such as media platforms, MCNs, live streaming platforms, and educational institutions. Its core features include smart media asset library, online video editing, and live editing, which are complemented by a lot of AI-assisted editing features. In addition, it provides an API access mode that can be integrated as well as a SaaS mode that supports quick theme changing, meeting the diversified needs of content creators for video management and smart online editing.


Efficient Editing

CVE provides convenient online video editing tools for content creators so that they can edit and create in-cloud and local videos anytime and anywhere without downloading software programs and complete video capturing, editing, composing, and publishing directly in the cloud, eliminating the need to download and upload videos.

Rich Features

Currently, CVE provides a wide variety of video creation features such as frame-by-frame editing, multi-track production, picture-in-picture, filters, adjustable-speed playback, audio mixing, transitions, audio/video separation, smart subtitling, animated text effects, animated image effects, and shortcut keys, fully meeting your diverse content creation needs.

Smart Cutting

CVE offers four AI-based smart cutting features: personal highlights, game highlights, event highlights, and news highlights, which are new applications of AI capabilities in the video creation field that can effectively improve the productivity of video creation.


Cloud Editor

Cloud Editor is a professional online video creation tool. It provides live, AI, and general editing modes and offers advanced editing capabilities such as frame-by-frame editing, smart subtitling, picture-in-picture, filters, adjustable-speed playback, special effects, audio mixing, and transitions. Plus, it can deliver videos quickly to Weibo, Tencent Open Media Platform, Kuaishou, and other content platforms.


Template Customization and Usage

CVE provides two major tools–material production and template production–to enable enterprise customers to independently create exclusive contents. It opens up cloud media asset management and cloud editing modules to assist with the production, management, and usage of such contents. In addition, by utilizing its own resources and capabilities, it allows customers to create exclusive contents even when they don't have any professional content designers.

Copyright Library and Collaborative Management

Based on cloud media asset management and cloud editing, CVE realizes business capabilities such as content creation task initiation, task completion (production), and content moderation, and enables the comprehensive management and flow of tasks. In addition, it offers powerful collaborative management features to further improve the efficiency of the entire business workflow through team management, permission control, and more.

Enterprise Live Streaming Service

In light of the increasingly tight integration between customer businesses and live streaming services, CVE has created a series of capabilities such as live streaming, live streaming task management, live push, and live recording to meet customers' live streaming needs in a more convenient way.


CVE offers multiple membership subscription editions, allowing you to choose the one most appropriate for your business needs.

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