Cloud Virtual Machine

A stable, secure, resilient, and high-performance cloud computing service


Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) provides you with secure and flexible computing capabilities. You can enable CVM in the cloud in just minutes to meet your diverse computing needs. Through CVM, you can easily scale up or down your computing resources as your business needs change. Billed based on your actual resource consumption, CVM reduces your computing costs and simplifies IT-related OPS.


Elastic Computing

To meet your ever-changing business needs, you can quickly add or delete CVMs in minutes. By defining relevant policies, you can ensure that your CVM instances will be seamlessly scaled up during periods of higher demand to ensure application availability and scaled down during periods of lower demand to save costs.

Flexible Configuration

CVM offers a wide variety of instances, operating systems and software packages. You can flexibly adjust each instance’s CPU, memory, disk and bandwidth configuration to match your applications. CVM supports multiple Linux distribution versions and Windows Server versions.

High Stability and Reliability

Cloud Block Storage mounted on CVM provides a triplicate storage policy, ensuring fast data migration and recovery in the event of the downtime of any copy. Leveraging its sophisticated network virtualization and ENI binding technologies, CVM runs on the robust network architecture of T3+ IDCs to ensure high network availability.

Easy Management

You can access Tencent Cloud CVM as an administrator with full control. Using various tools such as the Tencent Cloud console and APIs, you can connect to your CVM instances and perform operations like restarting and modifying your network configurations.

Secure Network

CVM runs on a logically isolated private network and ensures the security of your cloud resources through network access control lists and security groups. CVM allows you to maintain complete control over your private network environment configurations, including custom segmenting, IP addresses, routing policies and more.

Comprehensive Protection

CVM provides basic protection features such as Trojan detection, anti-brute force attack protection and vulnerability scanning. CVM also provides anti-DDoS protection against massive traffic attacks. The ultra-high bandwidth and super-powerful purging capabilities of Tencent Cloud's Anti-DDoS Advanced guarantee the safety your web services.

Low Costs

Because CVM is deployed in the cloud and CVM instances are pay-as-you-go, infrastructure construction and maintenance fees are drastically reduced.

Service Integration

CVM can be highly integrated with most Tencent Cloud services, such as Cloud Object Storage (COS), TencentDB and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), providing you with comprehensive solutions for different business needs in computation, storage, network transmission and more.


Specialty Scenarios

Business Type

Websites and applications containing a lot of images/videos

Recommended Solution

Combine with other cloud services: Cloud Object Storage, Load Balance, Content Delivery Network.

Recommended configuration

8 GB
5 Mbps
50 GB HDD Cloud Storage


Tencent Cloud CVM is pay-as-you-go. In this flexible billing mode, you can enable/disable CVM instances anytime and only pay for what you use. Billing is on a per second level, and you don't need to pay for anything in advance. Billing and settlement are performed hourly. You can go to our purchasing page to view the detailed prices of different cloud computing products. View more