Cloud Web Scanner

A convenient and accurate vulnerability scanning service that helps effectively reduce security risks with organizational assets


Tencent Cloud Cloud Web Scanner (CWS) is a security service that provides you with 24/7 accurate and comprehensive website vulnerability monitoring and professional repair advice to prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities by hackers that impact website security. CWS is widely used and highly recognized by a large number of enterprises and institutions in many industries such as finance, communications, government affairs, energy and military affairs.


Accurate and Comprehensive Scanning

CWS can quickly monitor multiple types of website vulnerabilities after obtaining website certification and authorization. It boasts a variety of reliable vulnerability verification and exploitation tools to ensure the accuracy of monitoring, comprehensively assess web application vulnerabilities and improve web security defense capabilities.

Convenience and Efficiency

CWS requires no deployment and is a pay-as-you-go service. No hardware/software installation or changes to existing network deployment are required. The powerful concurrent scanning capability of CWS enables simultaneous scan of thousands of websites, greatly reducing security OPS costs.

Periodic Check

CWS supports high-frequency periodic security checks on web applications with savable scan records, empowering you with constant security monitoring and assessment capabilities.


CWS can effectively solve information security problems, helping you identify security problems before they occur to ensure secure and smooth operation of your web application systems.
Non-destructive Scanning

Website health is critical during the website OPS process. CWS uses non-destructive vulnerability scanning technology to avoid the impact on the health of website business.


IT Enterprises

New types of threats and attacks faced by IT enterprises emerge every day. As the most important form of application on the Internet, the security of web applications plays a vital role in ensuring business continuity. Based on statistical big data analytics models and advanced vulnerability scanning engines, CWS generates comprehensive vulnerability detection reports for enterprises containing professional repair advice to prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities by hackers that impact website security.

Regulatory Authorities

CWS can help regulatory authorities monitor application systems with visualized result display and instant alarming for detected risks. In addition, a team of professional security experts can provide various services such as emergency response, penetration testing, attack traceback, security training and security consulting for more in-depth and comprehensive guidance on security protection.

Government Agencies and Educational Institutions

Web-based application information systems are the first choice for public information systems in key sectors of government agencies and educational institutions. Problems such as repeated tampering with application system content and untimely vulnerability fixes may seriously affect their reputation. Through real-time scanning, CWS can quickly detect application system vulnerabilities, identify webpage exceptions and send alarm notifications, helping prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities that impact website security.