TencentDB for DBbrain

A cloud database autonomous service for database performance, security and management optimization


TencentDB for DBbrain (DBbrain) is a cloud database autonomous service that enhances database performance, security, and management. It leverages machine learning and big data technologies to replicate the best industry practices and automate manual database OPS tasks, ensuring the security, stability and efficiency of your database services, both in and off the cloud.


Real-Time Diagnosis and Optimization

DBbrain provides 24/7 diagnosis of database exceptions based on real-time information, ensuring their timely detection and troubleshooting. This helps build a new database health protection mechanism that features regular check, proactive detection, instant analysis and optimization.

Security and Efficiency

DBbrain offers compliance audit, access exception detection, sensitive data discovery, data masking, and other certified services to ensure high database security. With non-intrusive design and encrypted transfer, it will not impact the database environment and performance.

Measurable Optimization

DBbrain provides highly accurate data collection, exception analysis, diagnosis and optimization. Its suggestions are based on theoretical analysis of exceptions, and comparisons with the simulated optimization results. You can gauge the optimization effect more precisely.

Versatility [Coming Soon]

DBbrain supports relational, NoSQL, NewSQL and many other types of databases, making it suitable for both in and off-cloud databases. It offers diagnosis and analysis not only for database instances in Tencent Cloud, but also those deployed in other clouds or on-premise databases, which facilitates hybrid cloud database management.

One-Tap Mobile Management

DBbrain can be used on mobile devices through the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem. You can easily track, manage and optimize your databases anytime, anywhere.

AI Support

DBbrain is backed by Tencent Cloud's deep learning algorithms and training environments with high numbers of samples. Its services include automated optimization of database performance, highly accurate threat analysis, security governance suggestions, and more.


Intelligent Optimization

DBbrain provides intelligent analysis for database instances throughout the OPS lifecycle, helping you intuitively understand their real-time operating statuses. You can also locate exceptions in real time, and optimize your system based on suggestions.

Intelligent analysis consists of the following features:

Intelligent check: it routinely performs health checks on database reliability, availability, performance, and maintainability, while generating suggestions accordingly. You can get a full picture of the operating status of database instances, and troubleshoot problems to improve performance.

Intelligent monitoring: it offers more focused monitoring dimensions and metric combinations by integrating the best practices of TencentDB technical experts. It can display the performance of TencentDB instances intuitively, while featuring real-time monitoring metrics.

Intelligent diagnosis: it diagnoses and analyzes database exceptions 24/7 in real time based on metric data collected by intelligent monitoring. For performance issues, it provides optimization measures with regard to specification configuration, SQL analysis, business logic, and usage by analyzing the results from SQL query optimizer, performance analysis engine, and rules engine.

Intelligent alarm: it can adapt to your custom alarms and intelligently diagnoses potential exceptions and risks. It can notify you of the exception promptly and features optimization measures as well as automatic one-click fix.


Daily Database OPS

DBbrain provides 24/7 database exception detection, diagnosis, analysis, and intelligent alarm service. It also features recommendations, one-click optimization, AI-powered automatic optimization of database performance, and optimal configurations based on your business characteristics to greatly improve OPS efficiency.

Security Threat Identification

Backed by Tencent Cloud's deep learning algorithms and training environments, DBbrain can monitor and trigger alarms for various types of attacks and risky operations. Based on data asset and sensitive data discovery information, it can trigger alarms and rate security levels for users, behaviors, and data that severely deviate from the models. This helps administrators discover malicious operations and provides more accurate threat analysis as well as security governance suggestions for database operations.

Hybrid Cloud Database Management [Coming Soon]

DBbrain is suitable for both in-cloud and off-cloud database scenarios. It provides diagnosis and optimization not only for database instances in Tencent Cloud, but also those deployed in other clouds or on-premise databases. It adopts a non-intrusive design and protected data transfer to ensure security, helping you build a unified platform for hybrid cloud database management.

Mobile Database OPS

DBbrain is integrated within the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem and accessible on both PCs and mobile devices. Features such as mobile alarms, daily health report subscription, exception diagnosis, and one-tap optimization are available on mobile devices for your convenience.


DBbrain is currently in beta and free of charge.The service will be commercially available after beta. We will notify all users in advance in the event of a price change.For more information on this product, please contact us.