Anti-DDoS Advanced

A protection solution against high-volume DDoS attacks


Anti-DDoS Advanced is a paid protection service to defend Internet businesses (in and outside Tencent Cloud) against high-volume distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, ensuring the stability and availability of your business.


Optimal Protection Nodes

Backed by globally deployed nodes of Tencent Cloud, Anti-DDoS Advanced comes with strong resource advantages, enabling it to provide defense capabilities at the Tbps level. It currently has five major protection nodes in China and dozens of traffic cleaning centers around the world. This ensures cleaning near the attack source for global business deployment.

Extensive Protection Resources

Anti-DDoS Advanced features 30 exclusive BGP routes. A single node in China can provide over 900 Gbps protection and up to 400 Gbps globally, effectively defending against DDoS attacks at the network, transport, and application layers.

Powerful Cleaning Capability

Leveraging the protection clusters independently developed by Tencent Cloud and a smart AI engine, Anti-DDoS Advanced continues to optimize multi-dimensional algorithms for protection policies, IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and cookie challenges. Through automatic detection and traffic filtering, it ensures real-time protection with a successful cleaning rate of up to 99.995%.

Hiding Real Servers

Anti-DDoS Advanced can hide the IP of the real server. It deploys an alternative IP with high defense capability so the real server does not get exposed to the attack traffic, thus improving security.

High Speed and Reliability

With 30 exclusive BGP routes covering most ISPs throughout China, Anti-DDoS Advanced features an average protection delay of less than 30ms. Incorporating high-quality access network and high-volume DDoS defense, it achieves cloud-based security protection without compromising website access speed.

Comprehensive Business Support

Anti-DDoS Advanced fully supports access over mainstream protocols such as TCP and UDP. It covers diverse business types such as finance, e-commerce, and gaming to meet security protection requirements in different scenarios.

Flexible Policies

Anti-DDoS Advanced simplifies the management process of DDoS protection. It allows flexible configuration of advanced security policies and custom policies, meeting the defense requirements of different businesses.

Elastic Protection

The protection threshold of Anti-DDoS Advanced can be elastically upgraded at any time with no additional device or configuration adjustment required. This process will not interrupt services, which ensures business continuity.

Cost Optimization

The billing of Anti-DDoS Advanced includes base protection and elastic protection. It offers on-demand elastic protection, which is billed based on the actual attack traffic to help users reduce daily protection costs.


Anti-DDoS Advanced leverages Tencent's experience in anti-DDoS practices, and features advanced protection policies to optimize business operations security. It helps non-Tencent Cloud resources eliminate the risk of business unavailability caused by high-volume DDoS attacks.
High Defense Capability

With resource advantages supported by Tencent Cloud's global node deployment and smart AI engine, Anti-DDoS Advanced continues to optimize protection algorithms for IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and cookie challenges. It can accurately identify and clean attack traffic, while effectively defending against various types of DDoS attacks.


Anti-DDoS Advanced Protection Solution

Use Cases

· Network protection for finance, gaming, media, and government sectors;

· Use cases that require high-quality real-time user experience, such as PvP games, online finance, and e-commerce;

· DDoS attack protection use cases where the business has a high number of ports, domain names, and IPs.

Anti-DDoS Advanced Solution

Anti-DDoS Advanced leverages the protection resources and precise cleaning capabilities of Tencent Cloud to defend servers against high-volume DDoS attacks. During online services, it replaces the IP address of the real server to direct all traffic to the protection clusters. This ensures service stability and reliability, while providing elastic protection to guarantee business continuity.


Anti-DDoS Advanced adopts a combined billing mode. The fixed base protection bandwidth fee will be frozen at the time of purchase and settled in the next month. The elastic protection bandwidth fee is pay-as-you-go and settled daily. We recommend you configure a base protection bandwidth slightly higher than the common attack bandwidth, and an elastic protection bandwidth higher than the peak attack bandwidth.

You can enable elastic protection as needed. If it is enabled and the attack traffic bandwidth does not exceed the base protection bandwidth, elastic protection will not be triggered and no fee will be incurred. If the attack traffic bandwidth exceeds the base protection bandwidth, a fee will be charged based on the actual attack traffic bandwidth of the day in reference to the elastic protection bandwidth billing tier. You will be billed only once per day based on the maximum elastic protection bandwidth. Multiple attacks will not result in multiple bills.

For detailed pricing of Anti-DDoS Advanced, please visit the purchase page.