Direct Mail Service

An efficient and scalable email delivery service


Tencent Cloud Direct Email Service (DMS) is an efficient and versatile cloud-based email delivery service that is ideal for organizations and developers. It eliminates the need for complex workloads such as building an email server or prefetching IPs. Simply activate the service to send your emails securely and at scale to targeted users via Tencent Cloud


Efficient and Accurate

DMS has a large number of high-quality IPs. The service utilizes intelligent email delivery policies to ensure fast and accurate delivery. Success rate is optimized to 97% with a allowlist from the email provider in place, putting the service far ahead of other industry competitors.

Secure and Reliable

DMS leverages popular DKIM, SPF, and DMARC email security protocols to protect your email infrastructure and ensure content authenticity, guaranteeing your sending and domain reputation.

Reduced Costs

DMS eliminates your need to invest in server OPS and IP address maintenance, as it can be flexibly scaled on demand to reduce your costs.

Pay-as-You-Go Billing

DMS is billed by the number emails sent. There are no upfront payments, fixed fees, or minimum charges.

Diverse Email Types

DMS enables you to send automatically triggered emails such as registration information and event notifications to keep your customers updated. You can also send batch emails such as advertisements and newsletters to promote your products and campaigns.

Real-Time Event Push

After you initiate an email request, DMS will return the request result synchronously. Email delivery and event results will also be returned asynchronously to your specified URL, helping you track and monitor email delivery in real time.


DMS provides a rich set of auxiliary features designed to improve email efficiency, such as domain security configuration, email templates, and delivery statistics.
Domain Security Configuration

DMS syncs the configuration generated by Tencent Cloud for your domain to your domain management system. This effectively improves the email delivery security and deliverability and guarantee your domain reputation.


Promotional Emails

DMS can send batch emails to update your customers on latest product releases or promotional campaigns. You can send different marketing contents and discounts to different customer groups, which facilitates targeted marketing.

Subscription Emails

Status and content updates can be sent regularly to subscribed customers, thereby improving customer engagement and retention rate.

Triggered Emails

Registration, order and modification confirmations can be sent automatically to users to ensure smooth user experience and improve security.


DMS is currently in beta. Contact sales for pricing information.

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