Dynamic Site Accelerator

Fast, stable, secure and elastically scalable dynamic acceleration network service


Tencent Cloud Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA) provides fast, stable, secure and elastically scalable acceleration services for dynamic data transfer. Utilizing Tencent Cloud's high-quality network resources around the globe and leveraging Tencent's proprietary intelligent routing algorithm and protocol layer optimization technology, DSA resolves issues such as high data packet loss, slow response and unstable service caused by a variety of complex factors when accessing websites across ISPs, countries and continents.


Mesh Interconnection for Global Acceleration

In order to deliver your web content to end users faster, Tencent Cloud has deployed thousands of network acceleration nodes covering more than 50 countries and regions across all the continents except Antarctica, enabling you to expand your business and service coverage globally with minimal investment in the construction of infrastructure resources.

Intelligent Scheduling and Dynamic Routing

Tencent's proprietary global scheduling system can intelligently schedule end user requests to optimal edge nodes which provide low-latency high-availability network access services, allowing for quick cloudification of user data. DSA's dynamic routing algorithm can dynamically adjust the optimal origin-pull link to reduce data forwarding latency based on real-time changes to origin server performance and network-wide transfer environment.

Protocol Optimization for Security and Efficiency

Tencent's private transfer protocol can intelligently adapt data transfer policies to different network environments, making transfers more flexible, efficient and stable compared to the traditional TCP. In addition, its private encryption algorithm and exclusive line resources can enhance the privacy and security of data transfers.

Link Upgrade for Reliable Transfer

Designed around the high concurrency and small file characteristics of dynamic transfer, DSA's link optimization technology can effectively improve transfer link utilization and shorten overall transfer time. DSA also supports multi-link redundant transfer, reducing re-transfer costs in weak network environments and enabling an efficient and reliable web experience.

Transparent Service for One-click Access

DSA provides transparent and efficient data transfer tunnel services, so that instead of needing to make adjustments to business applications, dynamic data acceleration services can be used to speed up application access just by configuring the CNAME record specified by DSA in the DNS resolver of the original access domain.


Dynamic Acceleration

Global Acceleration

With cache nodes deployed across the world, DSA effectively reduces cross-border access delays and ensures smooth global acceleration.

Optimal Linkage

Cache nodes are interconnected in pairs with real-time detection enabled to locate the optimal transmission path with the aid of Tencent Cloud's proprietary optimal linkage algorithm.


DSA is billed per item on a postpaid basis. Among the service items, request fees are charged based on actual daily usage, so the total consumption generated between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 in one day will be billed on the next day. Traffic fees are only charged based on the amount used in excess of the free traffic quota. When using DSA, the free traffic quota is 25 GB for every one million requests in each billing cycle.