Elastic Kubernetes Service

A secure, elastic, and cost-effective serverless Kubernetes service


Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) service mode that allows you to deploy workloads without purchasing nodes. EKS is compatible with native Kubernetes, allowing you to purchase and manage resources natively. It is ready-to-use and supports Tencent Cloud products for storage, networking, and more. EKS is billed based on the actual amount of resources used by containers, and Tencent Cloud ensures secure container isolation.


Native Support for Kubernetes

EKS is community-driven and supports the latest Kubernetes version as well as native Kubernetes cluster management. It is ready-to-use in the form of a plugin to support Tencent Cloud products for storage, networking, load balancing, and more.


EKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service, eliminating the need for you to manage any compute nodes. It delivers computing resources using pods. You can purchase, return, and manage cloud resources in native Kubernetes mode.

High Security and Reliability

EKS is built on Tencent Cloud's well-developed virtualization technology and network architecture, providing 99.95% service availability. Tencent Cloud ensures the virtual and network isolation of EKS clusters between users. You can configure network policies for specific products using security groups, network ACL, etc.

Scaling Within Seconds

EKS leverages the lightweight virtualization technology independently developed by Tencent Cloud to improve efficiency, allowing you to create or delete a TKE instance within seconds. EKS supports automatic scaling of services based on actual loads by configuring the native HPA of Kubernetes.

Cost Reduction

The serverless framework of EKS ensures higher resource utilization and lower OPS costs. Flexible and efficient auto scaling ensures that EKS only consumes the amount of resources required by the current load.

Service Integration

EKS provides solutions that meet different business needs and can be integrated with most Tencent Cloud services, such as CBS, CFS, COS, TencentDB products, VPC and more.


EKS provides managed and cloud-based Kubernetes services to deploy enterprise-grade applications. It is convenient and scalable, while supporting native management.
Multi-Cluster Management
  • EKS supports cluster management
  • EKS supports multiple Kubernetes versions
  • Clusters are fully managed and you do not need to manage any nodes
  • Clusters support native management
  • Workloads in a cluster can be deployed across availability zones, and containers can be scheduled across availability zones


Offline Computing

Suitable Business Types

AI training, supercomputing, etc.


To run offline computing tasks with EKS, you only need to prepare a container image to quickly deploy loads. EKS is billed based on the amount of computing resources used during task execution. When the task ends, pods are automatically released and billing stops.

Offline Computing

Job CronJob
72-core 320GB 8*V100
Generally not enabled


EKS is pay-as-you-go and billed based on the configured resources and usage duration. For more information, see Pricing.