Global Application Acceleration Platform

A stable high-speed network connection between server and client that eliminates the stutters and latency experienced by global users when accessing businesses.


Leveraging its high-speed connections, forwarding clusters and intelligent routing technology for global nodes, Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) enables users to access the origin server through a high-speed connection with the aid of the nearest node, helping eliminate the stutters and latency experienced by global users when accessing businesses. GAAP is equipped with a graphical configuration interface that allows you to create and use high-speed connections on your business' origin server in just a few minutes and view connection operational conditions in the console.


Global Deployment

GAAP boasts a network of high-speed connections comprised of over 50 nodes around the globe. The network enables stable and high-speed peer-to-peer connections between these nodes, a perfect solution for businesses requiring cross-region access and unified global servers and eliminating the stutter and high latency experienced by when accessing businesses.

Stability and Efficiency

Five core nodes are dispersed across five continents with a linkage stability of 99.95%. One single connection is capable of supporting acceleration of 1Gbps bandwidth and 1 million concurrent requests, and multiple connections can be managed simultaneously in one connection group. Further, forwarding rules can be configured in a unified manner and the bandwidths of different connections can be billed together.

Multiple Protocols Supported

You can create listeners and configure routing and forwarding rules on the connections. One single connection can be configured with multiple listeners, and one single listener can be bound with multiple origin servers. GAAP supports TCP, UDP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols as well as port mapping and URL forwarding.

Fast Access

GAAP provides two access methods: IP and domain name. It supports access using unified global domain names for accelerated cross-region origin-pull, provides load balancing on the origin server to allow for support of three forwarding scheduling policies, and supports business access to the origin server on Tencent Cloud or other cloud platforms or in customer IDCs.

User Analytics

GAAP passes through the client's real IP to the origin server. The origin server can acquire the IP simply using the TOA module, supporting the installation of operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows.

OPS Support

GAAP guarantees platform availability through an SLA, supports on-demand imperceptible scaling of high-speed connections with no business interruption, offers multi-dimensional statistical analysis of information such as bandwidth, concurrency, packet loss, delay and packet forwarding, and supports monitoring of and alarming for connections and origin servers.


Connection Management

Sets the acceleration region and origin server region;

Sets the upper limit for connection bandwidth;

Sets the upper limit for connection concurrence.


Cross-region access acceleration

Latency and packet loss are often increased due to different network conditions when accessing businesses from different regions, affecting user experience. Thanks to GAAP, high-speed network connections can be established between the acceleration region (where the client is located) and the origin server region (where the server is located) to effectively reduce network latency and packet loss, ensure fast and stable network connection and ultimately improve the user experience.

Gaming with unified global servers

Many games are simultaneously accessible to players around the globe or across a large region. This type of scenario frequently encounters a decline in gaming experience or fairness among players caused by network differences across different regions. GAAP supports the use of unified domain names for access in multiple regions, enabling players to access the nearest high-speed connections for simultaneous acceleration among global or regional users and directly improving the gaming experience and fairness among players.


Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) is pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what you use. Fees comprises of two components - connection fees and bandwidth fees. For detailed prices, please contact sales.