Game Multimedia Engine (GME)

A one-stop gaming voice solution for social gaming


Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) provides a one-stop gaming voice solution. Featuring in-depth optimization for different gaming scenarios and types such as casual, social, MOBA, MMORPG and FPS, it supports multi-player voice chat, 3D location voice, voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion and can be easily accessed with a simple SDK, meeting your various gaming voice needs.


Wide Gameplay Coverage

For scenarios such as gaming, social networking and entertainment, GME comprehensively covers various types of voice-based gameplay. It provides voice chat, voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion services to meet mainstream voice needs such as voice-enabled team battling, game commanding, turn-based host broadcasting and public messaging. Its proprietary 3D voice technology is ideal for creating an immersive gaming experience in scenarios such as battle royale and VR games. Moreover, it makes gaming even more enjoyable with its amusing voice changing and karaoke features.

Ultimate Performance

Thanks to its in-depth optimization for gaming, GME lowers voice delay down to 200 ms and CPU utilization down to below 10%, requires only small incremental packets for SDK and consumes less data traffic in cellular networks. Its packet loss recovery technology and packet loss compensation algorithm ensure smooth communication even in cases with over 50% packet loss and 1,000 ms network jitter. Its patented algorithms for echo and ambient sound cancellation as well as noise and howling suppression help restore crystal clear sound quality. Further, its deep integration with the Wwise audio engine ingeniously solves the problem where the background sound quality of the game is degraded and the sound effects are lost when in-game voice is turned on.

Stability and Reliability

Built based on the advanced audio and video technologies of QQ that have been verified by hundreds of millions of QQ users, GME serves over 400 audio, video, social networking and gaming customers across the entire industry, sustaining more than 29 million voice calls of 120+ million minutes daily on average. It features real-time monitoring, remote disaster recovery and intelligent scheduling, which help ensure stable and reliable services, allow an unlimited number of voice room participants and reduce the crash rate to below 0.01%.

Compatibility and Adaptability

GME has been deeply optimized for mainstream game engines, including Unity, Cocos and UE. It supports major operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Leveraging the technical advantages of QQ, it can be used for all iOS devices and over 2,000 models of Android devices, ensuring a consistent user experience and reducing development time costs. After a new model is launched, GME can be intelligently adjusted for adaption in the cloud, eliminating the need to modify the client version.

Global Service

Relying on Tencent Cloud's robust global infrastructure of 1,100+ acceleration nodes deployed in China and another 200+ ones in more than 30 countries, GME enables local access for low-latency and non-lagging voice chat service. Its voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion features support 120 languages, making it easier for global players to play games together and helping game makers enter global markets.

Low-Cost Access

GME can be integrated into game apps with four simple lines of code and provides easy-to-understand access documentation and 24/7 customer service, making it easier to meet your gaming voice needs. It can be billed based on use duration or DAUs, further reducing the operating costs after access.



In e-sports games such as MOBA, FPS and MMORPG games, the battle situation changes rapidly and players in the same team need to communicate and discuss defense strategies in real time based on the battle conditions. GME provides a smooth voice chat service with ultra-low latency, allowing players to better communicate and enjoy gaming.

In addition, its unique 3D voice technology adds a 3D effect to the player's voice, and when used in battle royale games, it creates a 3D immersive experience that greatly improves gameplay.

Game Commanding

Various types of gaming scenarios such as game commanding, team battles and large live broadcasting rooms require low voice latency. GME features a commanding mode that enables players to automatically start and quit broadcasting for voice calls in real time with ultra-low latency. Additionally, the mode does not place an upper limit on the number of participants in the room, making it highly suitable for gaming voice scenarios with high numbers of concurrent players.

Casual Games

Voice messaging and voice chat are indispensable functions in casual games such as karaoke and music games, in which hosts play songs for players or interact with players through karaoke. GME provides an excellent voice chat service while enabling low-latency in-ear monitoring and features dozens of sound effects for amusing voice changing, ensuring an optimal casual game experience.

Chess and Card Games

In chess and card games, friends need to play together. GME's unique 3D voice technology can render player voices to make players feel like they are sitting in different seats at the table, maximizing the real-world on-the-spot gameplay feeling.

Social Hosting

GME provides multi-player hosting and random joint broadcasting for scenarios such as voice dating, chat rooms and board games, simulating a live group interaction effect and improving the entertainment experience.


GME provides voice chat, voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion. Voice chat is billed monthly by either voice duration or voice peak concurrent users (PCU), and you can flexibly choose the billing mode as needed. Voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion services are billed by voice messaging DAUs. Please refer to the pricing document for more details. View more