Game Player Matchmaking

A powerful and flexible game player matchmaking service for multiplayer games


Game Player Matchmaking (GPM) is a powerful and flexible game player matchmaking service that supports multiple algorithms. With GPM, developers can easily write a script to achieve matchmaking for a variety of games without needing to consider complex logic. GPM can also automatically deliver matchmaking results to your hosted game server to start battles. This product greatly simplifies game development while enhancing game interaction for your players.


Diverse Matchmaking Rules

GPM features a complex set of rule-based algorithms, enabling developers to configure matching rules according to player attributes, latency, role preferences and more, satisfying the diverse matchmaking requirements of multiplayer games.

Flexible Configuration

GPM supports defining and setting game attributes including values, strings and string maps in matchmaking rules. You can flexibly configure the number of teams and players, use different matchmaking conditions for different roles and decide when to relax matching rules so players can get in the game with minimal wait time.

Streamlined Solution

You can opt to use GPM’s matchmaking service by itself, or integrate it with your game server for a streamlined solution where game resources will be requested according to matchmaking results. The latter enhances the gaming experience with better support for the life span of the game session.

Ease of Use

GPM provides a diverse set of rule templates and syntax verification capabilities. You can use these templates to design and configure your matchmaking rules in the console easily, eliminating the need for complex code development.

Cross-Region Matching

GPM supports matching players based on latency, supporting multi-region/multi-server as well as cross-region server game architectures. Players are matched to servers with minimal latency, ensuring matched players from different regions have similar response time.

Comprehensive Monitoring

GPM provides a comprehensive monitoring and alarm feature, covering matchmaking metrics including the average matchmaking time as well as matchmaking successes, failures, cancelations and timeouts. Developers are kept up to date so they can promptly troubleshoot issues and adjust their matchmaking rules as needed.


With multiple matchmaking algorithms, GPM greatly simplifies game development while enhancing game interaction for your players.
Custom Matchmaking Rules

GPM provides a flexible set of customizable matchmaking rules for developers to design the best matchmaking experience that best fit their games.


Player Matchmaking

GPM can be used independently to generate player matches via custom matchmaking rules. Generated matchmaking results will be delivered to your server address.

Hosted Game Solutions

GPM can be used together with Tencent Cloud Game Server Engine (GSE) to form a streamlined gaming solution, where matchmaking results can be used to request resources from the game servers hosted with GSE to automatically start new game sessions for matched players.

Matching Teams

GPM supports multiple matchmaking configurations within the same game. Developers can create sequential matchmaking rules to build teams and match battles. Players are first slotted into teams and then the teams are matched against each other.

Match Backfill

GPM offers a match backfill feature for existing game sessions. It can be difficult to fill all player slots for large matches. GPM supports starting a game session once the minimal number of players are matched to reduce wait time. GPM will then initiate match backfill requests for the empty player slots to continue searching for potential matches. This feature can also be used when players drop out of a session.


GPM is currently in beta and available for free. GPM is expected to exit beta on December 31, 2021.