T-Sec WeTest Game Quality Monitoring

Comprehensive quality management


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T-Sec WeTest Game Quality Monitoring (GQM) is a one-stop quality assurance platform launched by Tencent based on its over a decade of experience in quality management and commitment to quality standard development and product quality improvement.


High Numbers of Devices

GQM supports the top 600 (or 97%) device models.

Global Service Deployment

GQM is deployed in the cloud in multiple regions around the world, flexibly supporting the global distribution of games and ensuring data compliance.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

GQM provides multidimensional monitoring data to help you locate problems and bottlenecks.

Insights into Real Player Experience

GQM can comprehensively monitor and capture problems with the player experience, such as game crashes and lags as well as device overheating. In addition, it supports multidimensional big data analysis.


Compatibility Test

GQM automates compatibility tests to help you quickly find compatibility and performance problems on popular Android device models:

1. it exclusively supports automatic login with WeChat/QQ account;

2. it selects top models according to rankings by real users;

3. it generates test reports quickly within 4 hours.


Mobile Game Solution

GQM provides in-depth S-level mobile game testing services by taking into full account the different core requirements of MMO, MOBA, FPS, card, board, and single-player games.

Application Solution

GQM enables you to easily deal with Android fragmentation, complex networks, environmental debugging, application security risks, performance tuning, and other issues, bringing you peace of mind.

Compatibility Solution

GQM has thousands of device models in the cloud and a decade of testing experience. It offers multi-level compatibility testing services from R&D to operations to assist with quality control and rapid iteration.

Performance Solution

For the different stages from game development to operations, GQM provides customizable full-linkage performance solutions in various aspects from client to server.