Game Video Processor

A human visual standard-based game video processing platform combining deep learning with signal processing technology for the best viewing experience


Game Video Processor (GVP) fixes and enhances the quality of game videos. Specifically, it rectifies video distortions caused by excessive compression through deep learning and improves video quality through color enhancement, super-resolution, and edge sharpening for an optimized viewing experience.


High Adaptivity

GVP automatically analyzes the distortion intensity in a video to call the corresponding artifact removal model. It selects the most appropriate video quality enhancement method based on video scene.

Human Visual Characteristics

GVP determines video quality based on human visual characteristics to avoid quality degradation caused by excessive enhancement.

Controllable Costs

GVP is pay-as-you-go and can be run in either CPU or GPU, helping you balance processing speed and costs.


Compression Artifact Removal

GVP leverages deep learning technology to rectify distortion issues resulting from video compression, such as blocking and ringing artifacts.


Game Video on Demand

GVP can restore and enhance the quality of gaming videos for an improved viewing experience, making it ideal for game VOD platforms.

Game Video Analysis

Noises caused by compression greatly compromise the accuracy of video analysis. By restoring video quality, GVP helps address this issue for video analysis applications such as categorizing and tagging.

Game Video Bandwidth Optimization

In order to save storage space and reduce transfer bandwidth, videos usually need to be transcoded in the cloud. GVP features video enhancement that can optimize the video output’s playback quality while lowering bitrate during video transcoding.


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