Benefits Description

High-speed Access

The access nodes of HttpDNS cover China (including the top 17 ISPs), Southeast Asia and North America, enabling precise resolution and fast access.


HttpDNS bypasses the ISP's local DNS, eliminating the potential of being hijacked and preventing the DNS from being contaminated.

Precise Scheduling

HttpDNS accurately identifies the sources of requests and redirects them to the optimal nodes.

Load Balance

HttpDNS features superb disaster recovery based on clusters in three regions using the same IP, which enables automatic failover down to seconds and an over 99% SLA.



Internet-wide Domain Name Resolution

HttpDNS supports Internet-wide domain name resolution, including all the domain names registered on Tencent Cloud, DNSPod and any third-party platforms.

Intelligent Scheduling
Protective Domain Name

Scenarios (required)

Mobile Apps

HttpDNS replaces default domain name resolution of mobile apps and desktop applications with HTTP-based resolution, blocking exceptions with end user access caused by abnormal local DNS service provided by the ISP.