Host Security

Tencent Host Security (HS) offers various security protection services such as intrusion detection and vulnerability monitoring.


Tencent Host Security (HS) leverages the massive amount of threat data accumulated by Tencent Security and uses machine learning algorithms to provide security services such as intrusion detection and vulnerability alerts. Features offered includes password cracking prevention, suspicious login alerts, trojan detection, and high-risk vulnerability detection. It helps enterprises build a security protection system to deal with major network security risks.


Trojan File Detection

Malicious files such as WebShell backdoors and binary trojans are automatically detected using machine learning algorithms. Detected files are quarantined to restrict access and prevent reuse.

Password Cracking Detection

Password cracking are detected and blocked. The malicious IP library is shared across the network, and suspicious behaviors are automatically reported.

Login Audit

Login logs are collected for analysis. Alarms are generated for suspicious logins in real time.

Vulnerability Detection

Real-time alerts and fixes for high-risk CVM vulnerabilities, including those related to the system, application and web. This helps enterprises nip such issues in the bud.

Asset Component Identification

The component identification technology gives you an overview of the distribution of server software, processes, and ports, which helps enterprises in asset management.


Trojan File Detection

Machine learning-enabled detection can scan for a wide range of malicious files, including various types of WebShell backdoors and binary trojans, and perform access control and isolation operations on the detected malicious files to prevent their re-use.


Hacking Detection

Applicable Scenario:

A company with Internet-based business is faced with daily intrusions by professional hackers and automated malicious attacks; however, its failure to implement effective advance warning and response has led to corporate data loss or service interruption.

Host Security Solution:

The intrusion detection of HS can quickly detect intrusions and scanning actions of hackers on the company’s servers and provide advance warning of such attacks.

Contingency Response to Security Vulnerabilities

Applicable Scenario:

A company worries about intrusion but lacks a professional security team to evaluate new vulnerabilities when they emerge.

Host Security Solution:

The vulnerability detection of HS helps the company monitor the impact of new vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge, and provides effective repair plans and security support for vulnerability elimination.

Business Asset Component Checking

Applicable Scenario:

A company’s business grows rapidly, with its service software offered in different types and versions, but it cannot quickly comprehend the impact of new vulnerabilities.

Host Security Solution:

With the aid of the component management of HS, the server components can be quickly identified and grouped, helping create company asset component panoramas to improve the efficiency of contingency response.