IoT Hub

A secure, stable and efficient IoT connection platform that helps you enable data communications among devices, applications and cloud services with speed


Tencent Cloud IoT Hub service aims to provide a secure, stable and efficient connection platform that helps developers quickly achieve reliable, high-concurrency data communications among devices, user applications and cloud services at low cost. In other words, IoT Hub can realize cross-device interaction, device data reporting and configuration distribution. Further, by opening up the link between device data and Tencent Cloud products based on the rule engine, it allows for the storage, real-time computation and intelligent processing and analytics of massive amounts of data with speed and ease. In short, by taking advantage of IoT Hub, connections among devices, data, applications and cloud services can be created at low cost to quickly build an IoT application platform.


Fast and Simple Access

With the aid of the SDK, console or Cloud API, device access and data communications can be quickly enabled without you having to worry about the details of the underlying communications protocols.

Secure and Reliable Transfer

A secure network transfer protocol is introduced for device access and data transfer, requiring that every single device be authenticated with device certificate verification to effectively protect against unauthorized access, data theft and tampering.

Stable Full-time Security Guarantee

Leveraging Tencent's years of experience in numerous services, IoT Hub's backend is capable of automatic disaster recovery and load balance, providing you with 24/7 OPS and monitoring services.

Flexible Scaling System

By opening up the link between device data and Tencent Cloud products based on the rule engine, the storage, real-time computation and intelligent processing and analytics of massive amounts of data can be achieved with speed and ease.

Low Cost

IoT Hub is billed based on the number of messages sent with low initial costs. Plus, its one-stop service architecture reduces labor and time costs for R&D.

Visual Data Management

IoT Hub is capable of accessing Tencent Cloud RayData, a big data visualization service. This feature enables you to visualize, contextualize and interact with high volumes of data reported by the devices by utilizing the real-time data rendering technology, facilitating the personalized management and usage of data.


Device Access

SDK Access

IoT Hub supports SDKs for operating systems such as Linux and Android.

RTOS Portability

IoT Hub's SDK supports cross-platform porting with the hardware abstraction layer detached from the framework, making access to IoT Hub from different platforms fast and easy.

Transfer Protocols

IoT Hub supports MQTT, CoAP, HTTP and WebSocket protocols, so appropriate protocol channels can be selected for different device resources and application scenarios.

Security Protocols

IoT Hub performs two-way authentication and encrypted data transfer between client and server based on security protocols such as TLS and DTLS to prevent risks like unauthorized access, data theft and tampering. Either symmetric or asymmetric encryption modes can be appropriately selected for different security risks facing device resources and application scenarios.

Device Firmware Upgrade

IoT Hub supports OTA firmware upgrades, making it possible to perform OTA upgrades on IoT servers in case of security risks or functional vulnerabilities with device firmware.

NB-IoT Access

Compatible with the NB-IoT platforms of China Telecom and China Mobile, IoT Hub supports access of devices under NB-IoT and cross-platform data intercommunications.


Internet of Vehicles

Data about the driving habits of the driver is collected and analyzed, and real-time conditions of vehicle parts such as tires, brake pads and air conditioners as well as traffic conditions are also monitored, providing traffic advice in a timely manner. Further, such data can be combined with the data in insurance company databases to select the most appropriate insurance plan.

Smart Energy

Fast and cost-effective platform access service is provided for energy equipment, helping energy companies monitor equipment status in real time, perform professional big data processing, schedule energy efficiency intelligently and shape energy industry innovations.

Smart Home

A smart home system links people and home appliances. It detects whether users are home through door sensors and turns on/off appliances such as air conditioners, lights, TV and stereos taking into account current temperature and time. Cross-device message and rule engines can be created using the IoT Hub SDK to realize linkage between devices.

Industrial Equipment

IoT Hub enables enterprises to build IoT networks with speed and ease to achieve automatic control and real-time monitoring of equipment, helping improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and health management levels and creating innovative value-added services.

Smart Transportation/City

A large number of sensing and controlling devices in the city are connected to IoT Hub. Meanwhile, Tencent Cloud's big data services and intelligent algorithms can be used to monitor and predict group behaviors to improve urban efficiency and decrease labor costs.

Smart Tourism

Utilizing the IoT sensing technology and combining the advantages of WeChat Mini Program, a real-time sensing platform can be constructed for tourism facilities such as restrooms, auto gates and smart toll booths to provide more convenient and intelligent services for smart tourism.