NAT Gateway

A high-performance Internet traffic gateway service


NAT Gateway (NG) is a network cloud service that supports IP address translation and enables high-performance Internet access for resources in Tencent Cloud. With the help of NG, Tencent Cloud resources are able to access the Internet more securely without exposing private network information to the Internet. NG can fulfill high volumes of Internet access requests, supporting up to 10 million concurrent connections. Moreover, it offers IP-level traffic control, through which you can view traffic data in real time for faster identification of traffic with exceptions and easier network troubleshooting.


Support for Massive Volumes of Concurrent Requests

NG supports massive volumes of concurrent requests (up to 10 million concurrent connections), making it ideal for scenarios with high volumes of Internet access requests such as video services, Internet of Things and big data analytics.

High-performance Access

For businesses with high Internet access frequency and high bandwidth requirements, NG supports forwarding at over 5 Gbps with 10 elastic IPs bound simultaneously, enabling you to easily cope with peak traffic and ensuring the service reliability of large-scale Internet applications.

Visual Management

NG features traffic control, graphical display of gateway performance statuses, multi-dimensional monitoring and advanced alerting for faults, helping you quickly locate and solve problems as they arise.

Stability and High Availability

The underlying layer of NG features a high-reliability design combining dual-server hot backup and automatic disaster recovery, offering a service availability of up to 99.99% and ensuring the stable operation of your business.

Better Cost-effectiveness

Tencent Cloud provides a variety of on-demand NAT gateways that allow you to choose the most appropriate services based on your business needs. In addition, NG supports Bandwidth Package (BWP) for a flexible mix-and-match experience, helping you reduce your business costs.

Service Integration

NG can be integrated with other Tencent Cloud services such as Anti-DDoS Advanced and BWP, helping you build a complete end-to-end cloud network solution.


NG offers a variety of features such as SNAT, DNAT, gateway traffic control, traffic alarms, BWP, anti-DDoS protection and automatic disaster recovery.

Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) makes it possible for multiple CVMs on VPC to actively access the Internet through the same public IP address.


Massive Volumes of Internet Access Requests

NG can provide connection services for high volumes of concurrent requests, supporting up to 10 million concurrent connections and 10 elastic IPs and offering a service availability of up to 99.99%, making it ideal for services with large amounts of requests and connections (such as web crawlers).

Secure Access to the Internet

The SNAT function of NG allows for a secure address translation for active Internet access by the CVM, eliminating potential network security breaches caused by the direct exposure of the CVM's public IP to the Internet. To ensure cloud resource security, NG can also prevent external services from actively connecting to the CVM.


NG is billed based on both gateway usage (per hour) and traffic generated from Internet access. NG is billed by different hourly rates depending on the specs of the NAT gateway used and the service region. View more.