Optical Character Recognition

Stable and reliable high-precision OCR service


Based on Tencent's deep learning technology and massive amounts of data, Tencent Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR) provides printed and handwritten character recognition services for a wide variety of cards, certificates and documents and supports custom templates, greatly improving data entry efficiency and reducing the cost of use.


Cutting-edge Algorithms

Leveraging Tencent's powerful deep learning algorithms and leading OCR technology, OCR achieves an average recognition accuracy rate of over 95% for printed text and over 90% for handwritten text and has an average recognition speed of 2 ms per character for GPU and 6 ms per character for CPU. In addition, its algorithm models are continuously optimized and iterated.

Stable Services

With its high availability and performance proven effective by massive volumes of end users and complicated application scenarios, OCR has been widely adopted by Tencent's core businesses such as WeChat, QQ, Tencent Social Ads and WeBank as well as prestigious customers like Kuaishou, SF Express, SinoTrans and Dianping.com.

Ease of Use

With a simple and intuitive demo and high compatibility, OCR not only has APIs that can be called directly, but also provides a variety of SDKs for developers.

Wide Application

OCR can recognize printed and handwritten text on dozens of types of cards and documents such as ID cards, road-worthiness certificates, driver's licenses, business licenses, business cards and invoices and offers custom templates for text recognition to meet diverse requirements in different scenarios.


Universal Print Recognition

OCR can recognize Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, letters, digits and special characters on printed images with any layout and photos in various scenarios and return their corresponding positions. In addition to Chinese and English, it now supports 18 other languages including Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.


Identity Recognition

Identity Recognition in Finance

ID card recognition can be widely used in industries such as banking, insurance and securities where end user's identity requires verification to help reduce the workload of user data entry, increase efficiency and improve user experience.

Identity Recognition in Internet-based Businesses

In live video broadcasting and online car hailing scenarios, OCR can verify the identities of VJ hosts and passengers to reduce the risk of violations and crimes.

Banned Text Recognition

Ecommerce Ad Image Recognition

In the ecommerce industry, general OCR can intelligently identify text information in ad images to filter illegal words and reduce the risk of violations.

Video Subtitles Recognition

General OCR can quickly identify subtitles in various videos to effectively distinguish whether the text content is compliant.

Image to Text for Publications

Traditional News Media

General OCR can help convert a large number of paper documents into editable format, which greatly facilitates text formatting and information retrieval.

Images in Publications

General OCR can help convert images in publications into editable format, which notably reduces the labor cost of publication classification and retrieval.

Handwriting Recognition

The express delivery industry generates high volumes of handwritten or printed waybills, and the recording and archiving of such information consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. General OCR can help effectively reduce labor costs and optimize business processes for improved efficiency.