Optical Character Recognition

A stable and reliable high-precision OCR service


Based on Tencent's deep learning technology and massive amounts of data, Tencent Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR) provides printed and handwritten character recognition services for a wide variety of cards, certificates and documents and supports custom templates, greatly improving data entry efficiency and reducing usage costs.


High Accuracy

Tencent Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can automatically locate and recognize text in images. It features robustness and an average accuracy rate of above 95% for printed text and 90% for handwritten text.

High Versatility

Developed independently by the Tencent YouTu Lab, OCR covers all core algorithms for identity document analysis and recognition. It supports both landscape and portrait modes, and can be applied in scenarios with perspective distortion, irregular illumination, partial occlusion and more.

Ease of Use

OCR not only provides developers with a full range of APIs that can be called directly, but also SDKs that are highly compatible and easy to use.


General Print Recognition

OCR supports the detection and recognition of text in images and features great versatility:

  • It can recognize text in 19 languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. It also supports text recognition in a supported language mixed with English.
  • It can automatically detect the language and return the text and bounding box coordinates.
  • It supports automatic skew correction.


Identity Recognition

Identity Recognition in Finance

ID card recognition can be used in banking, insurance, securities, and other scenarios that require identity verification. It can reduce data entry workload, increase efficiency and improve the user experience.

Identity Recognition in the Internet Industry

In scenarios such as live streaming and e-hailing, OCR can verify the identities of hosts and passengers to reduce the risk of violations and crimes.

Passport Recognition

Passport Recognition in International Travel

Passport recognition can be used in hotels, border checkpoints, customs, airports, travel agencies, etc. OCR can help users quickly verify their identities to improve the overall user experience.

Passport Recognition in Education

Passport recognition can be used by overseas consulting services, schools, etc. OCR helps institutions quickly obtain students’ identity information, reducing data entry workload and improving efficiency.

Inappropriate Text Recognition

Ecommerce Ad Recognition

OCR can be used in e-commerce to intelligently identify text in ads to filter out inappropriate characters and reduce violation risks.

Video Subtitle Recognition

OCR can quickly identify subtitles in videos to check whether the text content is appropriate.

Image-to-Text for Publications

Traditional News Media

OCR can convert a large number of paper documents into editable text, facilitating text typesetting and information retrieval.

Images in Publications

OCR can convert images in publications into editable text, reducing the labor costs of classification and retrieval.


OCR is pay-as-you-go on a monthly billing cycle and adopts a tiered pricing model. When the total number of monthly API calls reaches a tier, all calls will be billed at the unit price of the tier. The higher the tier, the lower the unit price. The bill for the current month will be settled between the first and third day of the following month. For more information, see Billing Overview.