Tencent Cloud Organization

Permission-based multi-account management service


Tencent Cloud Organization (TCO) is an account management service that enables you to centrally manage multiple Tencent Cloud accounts by integrating them with an organization you created. It provides features that lets you view bills and manage accounts to meet your budgeting, security, and compliance needs. As an administrator of an organization, you can invite existing accounts to join the organization. Through its streamlined multi-account billing mode, TCO allows you to view the billing details of all accounts in your organization conveniently by switching among accounts. Currently, it is available to all Tencent Cloud customers for free.


Categorized Account Management

In the TCO Console, you can invite Tencent Cloud accounts to join your organization and assign them to an organizational unit (OU). Plus, you can categorize them to organize and sort accounts by roles.

Multi-account Bill Viewing (Coming Soon)

TCO lets you to switch between member accounts on the billing console to view each member account’s bills for clearer insights into their resource usage and financial conditions.

Refined Cloud Resource Management (Coming Soon)

TCO allows you to create a service control policy to centrally manage the use of Tencent Cloud products and services for multiple Tencent Cloud accounts. For example, if a member account is only granted CVM permission, then the member account can only grant CVM-related permissions when authorizing its sub-account through CAM.


Moreover, TCO makes it easier for you to manage and categorize multiple Tencent Cloud accounts.
OU-based Account Management

TCO makes it possible for you to create different account OUs for use in combination with development and production resources. It will support applying different policies to different OUs in the future.


Organization-level Account Management

With TCO, Tencent Cloud accounts of different departments and subsidiaries in your organization can be easily managed in a centralized manner.

TCO provides an overview of your organization's existing accounts, resource usage, and different business categories.


TCO is currently free of charge.