Peering Connection

A stable and affordable cloud-based network connection service


Peering Connection (PC) is a high-bandwidth and high-quality connectivity service that supports communication among Tencent Cloud resources. PC facilitates interconnection among multiple regions, accounts or heterogeneous networks, making it ideal for complex network scenarios such as 2-region-3-DC cloud-based disaster recovery or unified game servers. Additionally, it supports interconnection among VPCs, basic networks and BM networks, readily satisfying the different deployment needs of your businesses.


Multi-network Interconnection

PC can help you achieve heterogeneous interconnection among resources on different Tencent Cloud networks such as VPCs, BM networks and basic networks and supports on-demand deployment for different businesses to enable peering data communications.

Fine-tuned Traffic Management

PC provides monitoring and control capabilities at the IP-gateway granularity to help you quickly locate network problems through network traffic visualization and IP-level traffic management and ensure key business continuity through precisely configured QoS policies.

Cloud Resource Sharing

PC supports network resource sharing between different VPCs on Tencent Cloud and enables you to easily build a 2-region-3-DC cloud-based disaster recovery solution by leveraging the data synchronization among different IDCs made possible by Tencent Cloud IDCs.


PC features non-transferable interconnectivity to ensure data security, meaning the interconnection between two VPCs enabled by PC will be non-transferable so that your data will not be sent to other VPCs where a peering connection has not been established.

Cross-account Interconnection

PC supports network interconnection among different accounts. Resources under multiple accounts are able to access one another through the utilization of routing strategies configured at both ends. In addition, PC supports traffic interconnection between your VPC and the VPC of another company or provider.

Stability and High Availability

PC's underlying high-availability physical architecture does not rely on any single piece of hardware, eliminating the potential for single points of failure and bandwidth bottlenecks and providing stable and highly available network interconnection.


Multi-network Interconnection

PC can help you achieve interconnection among resources on different Tencent Cloud networks:

• Between two VPCs

• Between a VPC and a BM network

• Between a VPC and a basic network

It enables smooth communication among Tencent Cloud resources and supports on-demand deployment for different businesses, allowing you to manage various types of cloud networks with ease.


In-cloud Business Acceleration

Gaming Acceleration

Online games typically have players all over the world and servers deployed in multiple regions. PC makes it easy for games to manage network latency-sensitive scenarios such as cross-server PvP battles, improving the player experience.

● PC can build stable networks with low latency, meeting the cross-server gaming needs of global players.

● Tencent Cloud boasts 45 availability zones across 25 geographical regions around the world, allowing for proximity-based business deployment that satisfies the access needs of players in different regions.

2-region-3-DC Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

2-region-3-DC Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

PC enables you to build a VPC-based 2-region-3-DC disaster recovery solution that meets the security and high availability needs of in-cloud financial services.

● Businesses can be deployed across regions, enabling intra-city active-active disaster recovery.

● PC also supports cross-region disaster recovery.

● The security isolation of business regions is made possible by multi-level security protection based on ACL, security groups and CAM.


Intra-region PC is free of charge, while cross-region PC offers pay-as-you-go tiered pricing. All fees are charged to the service initiator, while no fees are charged to the recipient.